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Welcome to the Homepage of Department VI!

Department VI, Engineering and Constructions, of the Central Administration of the University of Stuttgart sees itself as your comprehensive service provider regarding all questions of facility management. In so doing Department VI ensures the building’s daily basic supply of electricity, water, heat, cold, post, surveillance service, telephone and multimedia (and much more).   

Departmental Director: Kai Bäuerlein

Bild Hr. Baeuerlein
   Address: University of Stuttgart
    Central Administration
    Department VI Engineering and Constructions
    Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 24c 
    70174 Stuttgart 

City Center Area

Vaihingen Area

 2.109, 2nd floor  0.26, ground floor
  Telephone:  +49 (0) 711 / 685-82260  +49 (0) 711 / 685-64360
  Fax:  +49 (0) 711 / 685-82799  +49 (0) 711 / 685-64555



Secretary’s office:

Jasmine Müller
Room:  2.113, 2nd floor
Telephone:  +49 (0) 711 / 685-82261
Fax:  +49 (0) 711 / 685-82799


Department VI is divided into 4 task-oriented departments:

  • Department VI/1 is at your disposal regarding questions of area management such as, for example occupancy planning, new building planning, conversions and renovations as well as an interface to the University Building Authorities.
  • All commercial and infrastructural services are provided in Department VI/2.
  • The entire technical services are provided for you by Department VI/3 itself or via external service providers. The divisional head City Center as well as Vaihingen North and South are at your side as close to the customer as possible as interdisciplinary and competent contact partners.
  • Department VI/4 implements own building and building maintenance measures (caretaker orders) as well as following up building maintenance measures of UBA. 

 Flyer Department VI (pdf)

The divisions in Department VI:

Division VI/1 Area and Building Management (FLM)

Divisional Head:  Müller, Bernd

Room no.Telephone


University area City Center,
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24b
2.211 685-82263 685-82799
University area Vaihingen,
Pfaffenwaldring 59

Areas of responsibility Area and Building Management:

  • New building planning
  • Room and occupancy planning
  • Conversions
  • Building statistics
  • Damage notifications
  • CAFM (Area Management)
  • Planning, drawing revision and archive


Division VI/2 Infrastructural and Commercial Facility Management,
Auditorium Management (IGM / KGM / HSM)

Divisional Head:  Donath, Susanne

Room no.TelephoneFax
University area City Center,
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24c
2.115 685-82268 685-82799
Schiller, Katharina, Pfaffenwaldring 59 0.23 685-64559 685-64555

Areas of responsibility IGM/KGM/HSM:

  • Technical procurement / purchasing
  • Auditorium allocation to extramural offices
  • Allocation of parking spaces
  • Central auditorium occupancy
  • Central post room
  • Central building service
  • Contract management
  • Events
  • Cleaning management
  • Property security
  • Multimedia


Division VI/3 Technical Facility Management (TGM)

Divisional Head: Klicpera, Thomas

Room no.TelephoneFax
University area Vaihingen,
Pfaffenwaldring 59
0.21 685-64556 685-64555
Voigt, Karin, Pfaffenwaldring 59 0.22 685-64551 685-64555

Areas of responsibility TGM:

  • Technical procurement
  • Central fault and damage messages
  • Trades Mechanical, Sanitary, Carpentry, Electrical
  • Electrical building installations and supply
  • Central building control system
  • Control room
  • CAFM for the technical trades



Division VI/4 Construction Operation

Divisional Head:  Sidon, Horst-Günter

Room no.TelephoneFax
University area City Center,
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24b                                              
2.220 685-84071 685-82799

Areas of responsibility Construction Operation:

  • Building construction
  • Engineering