Dual Career Programm_Team


Dual Career Programms - Coming in together, starting off successfully

We have dedicated ourselves to making the University of Stuttgart attractive for dual career couples, in order to attract (or bring back) top academics to the Stuttgart region on a long-term basis. The issue of dual career couples is especially significant in professorial appointments at the University of Stuttgart. The University’s management can thereby meet the challenge of supporting the careers of highly-qualified academics and their equally ambitious partners by offering them individual services and, in the case of dual career couples, a comprehensive service package.

Rektor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Ressel          


Target group: top-quality academics and their partners

  • Newly appointed professors 
  • Newly appointed junior professors
  • Holder of an elevated position in management of science


In order for careers to progress at the same pace mutual decision-making, planning and a high degree of occupational mobility on the part of both partners are required. To assist dual career couples to work and live together in the Stuttgart region, the Dual Career Programme offers a multi-faceted range of services.