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Dear candidates,

You must apply online via the Campus Management System C@MPUS:

C@MPUS - The new Campus Management System of the University of Stuttgart

The application period for summer semester 2017 has started (Bachelor in a higher subject-specific semester and Master)!
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Application Process in the C@MPUS – Your First Steps

The application and the enrollment process consist of three steps. After being enrolled, you can download various study documents from the C@MPUS.

  • Please visit
    • If you are not yet a student or an employee at the University of Stuttgart, you must create an account.
    • Important! If you want to login as a student or an employee, please use your existing student / employee account (i.e. … or ac…
    • If you want to access the details of your former student account or re-activate your student account as a former student, please contact the Technical Information and Communication Services (TIK). Your student account is active eight months after your de-registration. If more than 8 months have passed from your de-registration, please contact the Admissions Office´s hotline to re-gain the access to your account.
    • Please fill in the empty fields in C@MPUS (in the so called application wizard) and upload the required documents as PDF files. Since the system saves your dates, you can interrupt your application process and carry on later. To find more information about the required application documents, please visit the following websites:
    • After submitting your application, you will be able to download an admission form. The applicants applying for the undergraduate programs must print and sign this form and upload it on the application portal. For applicants applying for the postgraduate programs this step is not necessary.
    • At the end of the application process, confirm the accuracy of your data (check the box) and click “Submit”.
    • If necessary, upload the missing documents and wait for the process completion. You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the status of your application has been changed. You can find the notification about your application status on the application portal. You will be notified when:
      • your application documents are not complete.
      • some clarifications on your submitted data are needed.
      • a decision on your admission has been reached.
    • After receiving the e-mail notification by the University of Stuttgart, continue with the process of accepting your place at the university in your application account.

As far as your application has been controlled successfully and you have been admitted to the study program you applied for, you will be requested via e-mail to accept your place at the university on the application portal.

  • By accepting the offered place at the university you are under no obligation and you express your further interest in studying at our university only.
  • After accepting the offered place at the university, you can download and print your admission confirmation (Zulassungsbescheid) including the existing conditions and recognitions.
  • If applicable, please continue with the step “Enrollment”.

In order to enroll for your studies at the University of Stuttgart, please follow these steps:

  • Please fill in the missing data, upload your ID photo and a confirmation of your health insurance, and pay all the pending fees.
  • Print your application for enrollment
  • and sign it.
  • Please attach further missing documents and
  • submit them by post to the Admissions Office.

All the required documents are named at the end of your application for enrollment. A general overview is available here:

If the provided documents cannot be accepted, you will be notified via e-mail and will be able to see the details on the application portal.

When all the fees have been paid and the complete application for enrollment with all the required documents have been submitted and controlled, you will be enrolled. You will be notified via e-mail.

After being enrolled, you should log in with your current access data soon.

One day after their enrollment, the applicants receive an activation link to activate their new student account. This should be activated soon.

In your account you can then download your confirmation of enrollment. There you can also find information about the next re-registration.

Important! Please keep your contact details up-to-date, otherwise you will not be able to receive important documents or information.

With a slight delay (due to order process and delivery) you will receive your ECUS student card by post. Your student card is also your library ID card. After being enrolled, you can purchase a semester ticket for public transport (the VVS area) on the Internet.

Apart from the ECUS student card, we currently still deliver semester badges. This semester badge confirms the validity of your ECUS student card for a current semester.

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