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Prof. Dr. Laschat
Universität Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 55
D-70569 Stuttgart

Ursula Henn
NWZ I, 5-102
+49711 685 64268
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AK Laschat - Open Positions


Highly-motivated chemistry students looking for a challenge in the synthesis of natural products, catalytic systems, liquid crystals and dyestuffs are welcome to apply for a bachelor, diploma, master, Ph. D. or postdoctoral position.

Under the coverage of the Carl-Zeiss Foundation for the funded research project NanoBioMater: Nanobiomaterialien. Biogen-synthetische Hybrid-Hydrogele, a new masters research project is on offer concerning novel structured hybrid hydrogels from tobacco mosaic viruses and organic cross-linking.

For those seeking jobs in one of our fields of research, please contact Sabine Laschat for more information concerning available places.