July 3, 2017; Emna Eitel

This is a message from the Managerin of the CS department concerning registration for seminars and lab courses:


Dear students of the Master programs INFOTECH and Computer Science,


the registration for advanced seminars and lab courses that will be offered in the winter term 2017/18  is going to start soon. It will be carried out in ILIAS (as last time). It can be found under:

Magazin -> Internationale Studiengänge -> INFOTECH -> Lehrveranstaltungen SS 17


In this folder there are 2 new courses:

  • Registration for Advanced seminars offered in the winter term 2017/18
  • Registration for laboratory courses offered in the winter term 2017/18 by the Computer Science department

These courses are already open so that you can register now as a member. It is advisable to register there already previous to the start of the registration process because then you will not have to spend time with registering there at the day of the registration start for the offered courses.


The registration for the offered courses then starts on Thursday, 06.07.2017 in the following order:

  • Advanced seminars at 13:20 o’clock
  • Lab courses at 13:30 o’clock

From this time on you can register as a participant for one of the advanced seminars and lab courses. There is always a predefined number of available places and a waiting list.


Descriptions for all offered courses will be available tomorrow at noon at the following page: and in the glass cabinet at the southern entrance of the computer science building.


The registration for the German Master students will be carried out in a different portal.


Registration will be closed on Monday, 10.07.2017 at 8 a.m. Then the lecturers will receive the lists of participants and will contact them via email. Please also check the information available on the offerings concerning rules, prerequisites, languages, meetings and so on.


Best regards,

Katrin Schneider