Students Organization

The INFOTECH Students Organization (ISO) is the non-profitable, self-organization of students of the INFOTECH Master Program under the roof of the general student’s organization (FAVEVE) of the University of Stuttgart. The INFOTECH Program and Office is associated with the ISO and supports in the enhancement of the Organization now and then.

Feeling lost in the new World? Travelling miles away from one's country and moving to an entirely different place with the varied flavor of Language,people, education system sends chills down the spine to most of the new students. We at University Stuttgart embrace International students with heartwarming welcome and put in efforts to ease their stay during the Master’s program.

Consequently, there is the student body ISO with members from different countries working hand in hand to help InfoTech students understand the Study regulations and give them an opportunity to acquaint them to the foreign atmosphere. The core objective of the Organization is to help students with the Do's and Don’ts while travelling from their country, address their queries as and when needed and after arrival, to help them comfortable with the usual vicissitude. That is not all, we make sure students meet the International crowd and socialize. With the varied number of social events throughout the study program, students enjoy oneself.

We further are performing activities in the diversified committees in the form of Orientation and Academic Management, Social, Finance and Web. We hold meetings periodically to proactively work for the Student melioration on a weekly basis. We invite new students to join the Organization and we are open to any number of members.

This student Organization is made by the Students and for the Students and complies to the constituency governed by the Student Parliament of the University Stuttgart and falls under the umbrella of the Fachshafts along with the other Engineering programs in the University.

Join us and experience the best in the World and very competent Technological advancements in the University of Stuttgart.

We are there to help.