Service Gender Consulting

The Service Gender Consulting offers consulting and support for the integration of matters of equal treatment in research and for the enhancement of competences for the development of a gender-adequate management culture.

The subject of equal opportunities for women and men in science has become a main focus of the policies and actions of all major science organizations. To implement the DFG’s “research-oriented standards of equal treatment”, Stuttgart University has developed a long-term gender concept. In it, the university has set itself ambitious targets concerning the equal treatment of women and men on all qualification levels.

Service Gender Consulting is part of the implementation of the measures provided for in the gender concept. By supporting female and male scientists in their efforts to integrate gender aspects in research grant applications it meets the requirements for high-quality research.

At the same time, this service contributes to an enhancement of competence in the field of gender. University executives in particular are supported in their efforts to integrate the principles of equal treatment in the portfolio of their management philosophy.

Service Gender Consulting

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