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 Advanced Materials Science Laboratory




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Advanced Materials Science Laboratory
Polymer Chemistry

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Advanced Materials Science Laboratory - Part III / IMW3  
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**INFO**:  Once the Advance Science Seminar signatures are completed as well as your seminar confirmation certificate, please bring it to Ms. Schimmel, Assistant to Prof. Dr. Schmitz, MPI, Room 2Q09 to have your credit points entered. Please note you must be registered in LSF in order for your credits to be entered. Otherwise you must fill out the following form to get the credits:


Degree Course Documents
3. Semester

 Praktikum Materialwissenschaft





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IMW - Prof. Zotov (interim)


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Master 1./3. Sem

Diffraction Methods in Materials Science


Bachelor 5. Sem




Bachelor 5. Sem



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IMW - Chair for Material Physics - Prof. Dr. Schmitz

WS 2018/2019

 Semester Lecture/Seminar Documents
Bachelor 3/5
Strukturanalyse u. Mikoskopie

Slides 15.10.2018
Script 15.10.2018

Slides 18.10.2018
Script 18.10.2018

Exercise 1






Scripts von WS 2016/2017 bitte klicken

 Semester Lecture/Seminar Documents

Master 2/4 Sem



Alloy Design, Intermetallics & Superalloys 

Slides 12.04.2018
Script 12.04.2018

Slides 19.04.2018
Script 19.04.2018

Slides 26.04.2018
Script 26.04.2018

Slides 03.05.2018
Script 03.05.2018

Slides 09.05.2018
Script 09.05.2018

Slides 17.05.2018
Script 17.05.2018

Slides 07.06.2018
Script 07.06.2018

Slides 20.06.2018
Slides 21.06.2018

Slides 28.06.2018
Script 28.06.2018

Slides 05.07.2018
Script 05.07.2018

Slides 12.07.2018
Script 12.07.2018
Review HEA2017

Paper Koizumi
Paper Kawagishi
Paper Sato
Paper Song

Slides 19.07.2018

Reminder - Strengthening of metals

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7
Exercise 8
Exercise 9


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IMW - Chair III - Dr. Barth (Interim Professor)

Degree Course Documents
 Master Lecture - Synthesis and Properties of Inorganic Materials Announcement
    script_L1_sol gel
    Ceramic Materials
    Ceramic Materials-1
    Ceramic Materials-2
    Ceramic Materials-3


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IPOC- Prof. Buchmeiser, Prof. Ludwigs

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IMWF - Prof. Schmauder

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IAC - Prof. Schleid, Prof. Niewa

Degree Course Documents
  Inorganic Materials Chemistry for Material Scientists_SS18 Announcement


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