Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies

 Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies 1991-1998

Malcolm Bradbury Timothy Findley Wolfgang Iser

Malcolm Bradbury, 1932 - 2000
Timothy Findley, 1930 - 2002
Wolfgang Iser, 1926 - 2007


In 1991, I organized the first of the five sessions of the Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies at Monrepos, a conference hotel cum restaurant in Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart that deserves its name: it is located in the vicinity of a baroque castle which served as a retreat for the former kings of Baden-Württemberg. The castle with its charming lake and a large park formed a beautiful and harmonious setting in rural solitude which, during a period of two weeks, provided the learning environment for academics from all over the world who had convened in order to promote cultural exchange and understanding. Five times I managed to find sponsors who were interested in providing a forum for a multicultural, interdisciplinary dialogue among a distinguished Faculty and Fellows who were aiming for the development of new theories and practical ideas in the field of Cultural Studies. The Faculty would usually consist of five outstanding personalities of international renown who delivered lectures in the morning and engaged in discussions with one another and about twenty international Fellows in separate seminars in the afternoon. In the evenings, writers would regularly read from their work. In addition to the scheduled academic events, all participants were offered an interesting cultural program.

The Third Session, "Culture and the Imagination," boasted Wolfgang Iser among its faculty. Wolfgang Iser died on January 24, 2007. I am creating this homepage of the Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies in honour of him and in memory of Malcolm Bradbury, Faculty Member of the First Session, who died seven years ago, as well as of Timothy Findley, Faculty Member of the Fourth Session, who died in 2002. Their contributions to the Stuttgart Seminar in Cultural Studies are unforgotten.

Heide Ziegler
February 2007


Stuttgart Seminar Session I

The End of Postmodernism: New Directions
August 4 – August 18, 1991

Stuttgart Seminar Session II

Universitas: The Idea of the University
August 2 – August 16, 1992

Stuttgart Seminar Session III

Culture and the Imagination
August 1 – August 15, 1993

Stuttgart Seminar Session IV

Rewriting History
August 6 – August 18, 1995

Stuttgart Seminar Session V

The Translatability of Cultures
August 3 – August 14, 1996


The Proceedings of Session I, III, IV and V were published by the J. B. Metzlersche Verlagsbuchhandlung und Carl Ernst Poeschel Verlag in Stuttgart. A few copies are still available at the following address:

Prof. Dr. Heide Ziegler
Amerikanistik und Neuere Englische Literatur II
Institut für Literaturwissenschaft
Universität Stuttgart
Geschwister Scholl Str. 24 D
70174 Stuttgart

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