Bioinspired Mineralisation

Fig 1: Bioinspired ZnO mineralization
according to the Ostwald Rule of Stages.
Fig. 2: Particle growth of ZnO
in the presence of gelatine.

By applying bioinspired mineralization synthesis routes, various oxide ceramics like zinc oxide (ZnO), titania (TiO2), or zirconia (ZrO2) can be generated under moderate reaction conditions. These materials display favorable electrical and optical properties. The mineralization process can be controlled by the addition of bio-organic additives (e.g. peptides, proteins).

Recently, we showed that the bioinspired mineralization of ZnO in the presence of ZnO-binding peptides has metastable layered basic zinc salts (LBZs) intermediate stages before ZnO is finally obtained (Fig. 1). Thereby, the bioinspired mineralization of ZnO follows the Ostwald rule of stages. The morphology of the mineralized ZnO is modified by the selective adsorption of the peptides to the inorganic material. By analogy with proteins like gelatine, lysozyme, or bovine serum albumin, the ZnO particle growth can be modulated (Fig. 2). Thereby, the activation energy (EA) is drastically decreased by the presence of the protein. The EA lowering is attained by the attractive electrostatic interactions between organic and inorganic components.



DFG PAK 410: Biologische Erzeugung von Oxidkeramiken
In vitro und in vivo Synthesen von Oxidkeramiken

Baden-Württemberg Stiftung Kompetenznetz Funktionelle Nanostrukturen
Selbstwachsende Elektronik durch bioinspirierte Mineralisierung -  Templatkontrolliert mit Auflösung im Nanometerbereich


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