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Development of thermoelectric half-Heusler materials Benjamin Balke



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Masterarbeiten / Bachelorarbeiten

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Nanostructured thermoelectric materials  Wenjie Xie
Layer-by-layer Spin-Coating of Vanadia Fibers and Graphene Oxide Sheets Andrea Knöller
Mineralization in confinement – study on mineralization mechanism of various oxides in a confined model system Petia Atanasova
Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) formation on thin oxide films (TiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2, ZnO) Petia Atanasova
Synthesis of oxide-based inverse opals as support materials for catalytic applications Petia Atanasova
Oxide mineralization in mesoporous polymer materials for synthesis of organic/inorganic catalyst supports Petia Atanasova
Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Ionic-electronic Conducting Perovskites for Oxygen Separation (BSc/MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
Synthesis of M1–xAxSnO3 (M = Sr, Ba; A = rare earth) as new Thermoelectrics (BSc/MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
Synthesis of SrNbO3–d as Improved Thermoelectrics (Bsc/MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
 Microrobots with algae Gulia Santomauro