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 Designing and developing half-Heusler materials with high thermoelectric performance  Wenjie Xie
Computer-assisted materials design for perovskite-type oxygen transport membranes  Marc Widenmeyer



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Masterarbeiten / Bachelorarbeiten

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Nanostructured thermoelectric materials  Wenjie Xie
Layer-by-layer Spin-Coating of Vanadia Fibers and Graphene Oxide Sheets Andrea Knöller
Formation of ZnO semiconducting nanowires based on stamped viruses Petia Atanasova
Selective deposition of ZnS on tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) surface. Optical properties investigations of the obtained TMV-based semiconducting thin films Petia Atanasova
Untersuchung des Einflusses von Peptiden und organischen Makromolekülen auf die
in vitro Mineralisation von CaCO3
 Dirk Rothenstein
Photo(electro)catalytic Characterization of Eu1–xAxTi(O,N)3 (MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed Ionic-electronic Conducting Perovskites for Oxygen Separation (BSc/MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
Synthesis of New Modified Oxynitrides of EuTiO3 for Solar Water Splitting Application (BSc)  Marc Widenmeyer
Synthesis of M1–xAxSnO3 (M = Sr, Ba; A = rare earth) as new Thermoelectrics (BSc/MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
Synthesis of SrNbO3–d as Improved Thermoelectrics (Bsc/MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
Multisized Modified Eu1–xAxTiO3–d for High-Temperature Thermoelectric Application (MSc) Marc Widenmeyer
 Microrobots with algae Gulia Santomauro