Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Detailed documentation for the operation of C@MPUS, see the documentation section (under construction). If your question remains unanswered, please send us an .

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What is C@MPUS?

C@MPUS (= Campus Management Portal of the University of Stuttgart) is based on a software called CAMPUSonline that was developed by the TU Graz. CAMPUSonline was chosen in the scope of the project CUS as software solution for the University of Stuttgart and is now established by the CUS project team. Further information about the project history can be found on the pages of the CUS project.

Other German universities using CAMPUSonline are the Technische Universität München (TUM), the University of Cologne, the University of Bayreuth and the private University of Witten/Herdecke.

How can I log in to C@MPUS?

The login button is located on the upper right side of the C@MPUS webpage. After clicking on the button you are able to log in with your user name and password.

Applicants who are not students or employees at the University of Stuttgart need to create an applicant account. The link to create an applicant account can be found on the login page.

Students log in to C@MPUS using their TIK account (st123456) and the corresponding password.

If you have recently been enrolled at Uni Stuttgart and you already own an applicant account for C@MPUS, please find instructions how to activate your account here.

Employees log in to C@MPUS using their AC account (ac123456) and the corresponding password.

I forgot my password / username.

Applicants: You can reset your password yourself on the login page of C@MPUS. Please use the e-mail address that you used for registrating in C@MPUS and click on 'Continue'. You will then be asked to answer your security question. If any problems occur you can contact the .

Students: In case you forgot your username, please contact the help desk of the TIK ('studentische Benutzerberatung') to request your username (TIK-account st123456). The helpdesk team can also reset your password, but your appearance in person in their premises and your student ID card is required.
In case you know your login details, you can reset your password yourself on the page of the user management.

Former students: Your student account (st123456) remains active for 8 months after the removal from the register of students. Former students of the University of Stuttgart please contact the in order to request their former student account or inquire the activation of an applicant account.

Employees: If you forgot your username (ac123456) or the corresponding password, please go to the page of the user management and click on 'Nutzerkennung vergessen' (if you forgot your username) resp. 'Passwort vergessen' (if you forgot your password). If any problems occur, please contact the representative of your institute/organisation unit for further help.

How do I correct mistakes in my personal data?

Master data (name, date of birth, gender, nationality): Please contact the . You need to provide your registration number or applicant number and a copy of your passport.

Address: You can edit the address in C@MPUS under 'Current/Home Address'.

Higher education entrance qualification and Academic background: The responsible person from the Admissions Office will check your uploaded documents after you submitted the application. Produced mistakes will be corrected by them if necessary.

Are there instructions / trainings for C@MPUS?

Please see our sections events and documentation:

The C@MPUS support team can be reached by .

How to create a PDF file from my various file formats?

You sometimes have to upload several documents as one pdf file in C@MPUS. There are multiple freeware applications which allow you to merge pdf files:

With FreePDF the following steps are necessary:

  • Download and install FreePDF
  • Open the files that are to be joined
  • Go to 'Print' and select FreePDF as 'Printer'
  • There FreePDF opens
  • Click the button 'MultiDoc' and add additional documents
  • Finally, click on 'Create PDF'
C@MPUS is gradually put into use. Which feature comes when?

C@MPUS gradually replaces the old HIS system.

Since beginning of December in 2014 students can access the new system. You can look up your registration status on C@MPUS as well as potentially imposed blockings on re-registration. You can also download documents such as the Confirmation of Enrollment and print them out. Furthermore you can change your current address and home address online.

Since mid of December 2015 the application and admission process for the summer semester for master programs as well as admissions for higher semesters of study in bachelor programs is running.

New B.A. Teaching Qualification programs were piloted in C@MPUS in winter semester 2015/16 (including course and exmanination management).

The introduction of C@MPUS for scheduling of courses was realised at the beginning of winter semester 2016/17 for all study programs.

The Examination management is planned to be put into productive use for winter semester 2017/18, thus replacing the LSF.

Where can I find information about studying, study programs and application?

This information is not included in C@MPUS. Please visit the webpages of the Student Counselling Center to find information:

Why is the input of a pre-paid tuition in C@MPUS not been confirmed yet?

Currently, unfortunately, it still takes about 2 weeks for the receipt by the State Bank at the box office of the University of Stuttgart and from there via the SAP-FI interface to C@MPUS is forwarded.

Why can't I print the confirmation of payment?

You can download the confirmation of payment in C@MPUS for tuition fees from summer semester 2015 onwards. Unfortunately, we cannot issue confirmations for previous semesters (prior to summer semester 2015), as these tuition fees are not recorded in C@MPUS. In this case, please use your confirmation of enrollment and your bank account statements.