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Stuttgart Incentives

Timeline 1964 - 1990: Captivated by nature

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United Secondary and Vocational School Vocational School Polytechnical School Polytechnic Royal College of Technology College of Technology Universität Stuttgart

1936 - 1968 Adolf Leonhard
Professor of Electrical Engineering (suspended between 1946 and 1952)
1949 - 1978 Max Bense
Professor of Philosophy and Theory of Science
1957 - 1977 Käte Hamburger
Professor of Literature and Aesthetics
1964 K II building opened
Inauguration of the K II building in the city centre
1964 - 1990 Frei Otto
Founder and head of the Institute for Light Two-Dimensional Structures (IL)
1967 Renamed Universität Stuttgart
1968 Higher Education Law
  • The differentiation within the university between the groups of professors, non-professorial staff and students is removed
  • Non-professorial staff and students are given decision-making rights
  • 3 Faculties transformed into 19 Sections
1969 "Higher Education Plan I"
Expansion of the university (in terms of student capacity), especially in the so-called "humanities mass subjects"
1972 "Higher Education Plan II"
Proposed reorganisation of the Universität Stuttgart and subjects into three "university sectors" within Stuttgart (subdivided into subject areas). This plan was not put into effect.
1972 - 1993 Karl-Wolfgang Mundry
Professor of Botany
1973 Amendment of the Higher Education Law
Reduction of university autonomy
1976 - 1977 "Structural Plan"
  • shift from university expansion plans towards a cost-cutting policy
  • humanities are almost abolished (especially teaching qualification courses)
  • after fierce protests the continued existence of the humanities is ensured and only moderate cuts are made
1979 University Law
  • New organisational structure: Vice-Chancellor's Office (Vice-Chancellor, 2 Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Registrar), Faculties, Institutes
  • abolition of the Constituted Student Body
  • introduction of targets for length of courses
1979 150th anniversary
1985 Opening of local rail link from city centre to Vaihingen
Longest German rail tunnel at the time


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