International Colloquium 2018

International Colloquium of the Centre for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning

University of Stuttgart

"The Holy Grail of a healthy and happy life: Good interpersonal relations"

June 18 - 20 2018

Physicians and psychologists of a Harvard research group wanted to find out which factors contribute to a happy, healthy and thus long life. They found out what was known by humankind since centuries that the key for such a life are neither wealth nor fame, but good interpersonal relations. It is not about the quantity, but the quality of close relations in families, friendships and other social relations, which lead to a longer and happier life (for further information about the study see Robert Waldingers Ted Talk: 

This study is only one example of research that shows that things have to change on personal levels in order to make communities and societies better in a global perspective.

Therefore the topic of this year’s International Colloquium will be interpersonal relations.

During the zlw International Colloquium we will reflect upon following questions (and many more):

  • What are “good” relations?
  • How can interpersonal relations be established, shaped, maintained or dissolved, if necessary?
  • How does society (or societies) influence our relations and vice versa?
  • How do “social media” change our concepts and competences in building good relations?
  • How do politics influence relations and vice versa?
  • How does economy influence relations?
  • What are love and compassion?
  • What can be done at universities to make them a place where people can evolve their personalities and purposes through good relations?
  • How do natural and urban environments influence relations between people?


This year we are very pleased to welcome

Andrew Feldmár, Vancouver, Canada, Psychotherapist:

Büky Dorottya, Budapest, Hungary, Director of the Feldmár-Institut

Viktorija Aladžić, PhD, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Kristoffer Rasmussen, Bern, Switzerland, Happy(Bern)Lab:

Dr. Mays Imad, Pima Community College & University of Arizona, USA:

Simone Loewe, Center for higher Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Johanna Kosch, Center for higher Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Stuttgart, Germany


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Generationenhaus Heslach, Gebrüder-Schmid-Weg 13, 70199 Stuttgart


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