International Colloquium 2018

International Colloquium of the Centre for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning

University of Stuttgart

"Interpersonal Relations"

June 18 - 20 2018

Call for Papers:

The Holy Grail of a healthy and happy life: Positive interpersonal relations

Physicians and psychologists of Researchers at Harvard University wanted to shed some scientific light on the question of which factors contribute to a happy, healthy and thus long life. In a long-term study over a period of 75 years, 724 people from different social classes were studied, collecting, analyzing and evaluating personal data, including psychological and physical factors as well as data of the social environment and work According to the study, the most striking factor for a healthy and happy life is neither wealth nor fame, but interpersonal relations (in the life of each and every one of us). It is not about the quantity, but the quality of close relations in the context of family, friendship and other social relations, which seem to demonstrably display positive psychological, as well as physical effects, and thus enable a longer and happier life.

The university as a social space for students, teachers, scientists and others is a place for encounters, communication and interaction and thus provides a sphere in which interpersonal relations can be established, shaped, maintained or dissolved. Now is the time to ask ourselves: What can we at a university do to make it a place where people can evolve their personalities together, reflect upon and develop it, in order to lead a more satisfied and happier life?

What if we assume that a person's personality can only evolve in the coexistence with others; that this personality is not static and a person can learn throughout his/her whole life and ideally also learns to reflect him-/herself?

Self-reflection would thus be helpful, not only for developing our identity, but linked to that also for a happy and fulfilled life.

The Colloquium wants to provide a space to shed some light on the phenomenon of interpersonal relations and the associated character formation/development from different perspectives and disciplines. The goal is to strengthen teamwork and cooperation.

During the zlw International Colloquium we will reflect upon following questions:

  • What role does the reflection of our human behavior play in relation to an ethical    approach towards other people?
  • What kind of strategies are necessary to develop a relationship management?
  • Can approaches of conflict theory be adapted to deal with problematic or forced interpersonal relations in everyday working life? What roles do e.g. conflict management, mediation, or constructive conversation techniques play?
  • What roles do intercultural as well as intergenerational, interdisciplinary and inclusive settings play in dealing with interpersonal relations in a work context, (and) particularly at universities as a space for evolvement and development?
  • Which places and opportunities can be established in the field of university life and work to reflect the interpersonal relations there? What would such concepts look like? How can they be integrated into the university in a meaningful way?

We welcome contributions that

  • scientifically reflect the phenomenon of interpersonal relations and their interdependence towards personality and environment
  • state/give insights by means of successful or failed practical experiences and/or
  • explain individual approaches and experiences and their transfer potential.

To all contributions applies:

Please hand in an abstract of 1 page maximum (including literature). Please refer to the following points:

  • theoretical background
  • leading/research question
  • Methods
  • Results
  • literature (does not count to the 1 page abstract)

Contributions can be handed in until March 15, 2018. Please send your abstract to:



Topic for the International Colloquium 2018

10. Oktober 2017;

On the next International Colloqium in 2018 we will focus on the topic "Interpersonal relations", inspired by Robert Waldingers Ted Talk 


8. September 2017;

4th International Colloquium of the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning 2018, June 18th - 20th in Stuttgart