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Timeline 1890 - 1918: Royal College of Technology

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United Secondary and Vocational School Vocational School Polytechnical School Polytechnic Royal College of Technology College of Technology Universität Stuttgart

The award of the title of College of Technology in 1890 and the renaming of the Specialist Schools as Departments were a further step on the road to equality between the College of Technology and the general higher education establishments. This hotly debated process culminated in colleges of technology being given the right confer doctoral degrees in the form of Dr.-Ing. (cursive and with a hyphen!) in the year 1900. Other titles, such as Dr. phil., were still the reserve of the universities. The General Section of the College of Technology, including the natural sciences, was not permitted to award doctoral degrees until 1922.

In the winter term of 1905/06 the first two women enrolled to study at the Royal College of Technology, following a royal decree allowing women to enter higher education.

Both the status and the financial situation of the college improved considerably in the decade before the First World War. Generous endowments led to the introduction of new subjects, such as Aeronautics. The economic boom brought the Royal College of Technology flourishing growth and the opportunity to build spacious new buildings. This led to a new problem, one of a lack of space. Thus around 1910 a completely new university site was opened in Stuttgart-Berg, which became home to the new buildings of the Materials Testing Institute and the Machinery Laboratory.

The First World War put a sudden end to this period of growth.

1878 - 1922 Carl Julius (von) Bach
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
1884 - 1899 Expansion of general subjects
In the wake of the recession, a two-year course for candidates from the higher ranks of the railway, post and telegraph services is founded to fill lecture theatres; introduction of courses in Economics and Law
1890 Renamed Stuttgart Royal College of Technology
1895 - 1914 Expansion and new sites
Economic upturn allows new buildings to be built for the Chemistry and Electrical Engineering institutes; new buildings for the Materials Testing Institute and the Engineering Laboratory are built in Stuttgart-Berg due to a lack of space on the original site
1900 Right to confer Dr.-Ing. doctorates
Right to confer Dr.-Ing. doctorates is awarded to colleges of technology after year-long disputes between universities, colleges of technology and state governments
1905 Women first allowed to enter higher education
Women are admitted to study at Stuttgart
1906 Seat in the Württemberg parliament
The Vice-Chancellor of the college is given a seat in the First Chamber, the parliament of Württemberg, thus placing the college on a par with the University of Tübingen
1909 Debate on the humanities, part 1
Debate in the state parliament on the future of the humanities at the College of Technology; decision is taken to maintain the humanities to guarantee study opportunities in the Stuttgart area
1911 Founding of a Chair for Airship Aviation, Aeronautic Engineering and Automotive Engineering
1912 Golden Chain of Office
Golden Chain of Office and title of "Magnificence" is awarded to the Vice-Chancellor of the college, thus placing it on a par with the University of Tübingen
1918 Renamed Stuttgart College of Technology


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