Dieses Bild zeigt Jun.-Prof. Phillip Hübl

Jun.-Prof. Phillip Hübl

Forschungsbereiche: Philosophie, Politik
Schwerpunkte: Theoretical philosophy


The scientific focus areas of junior professor Philipp Hübl are the philosophy of the mind, action theory and philosophy of language, metaphysics, and the theory of science and knowledge. In the field of education policy he is involved with the Bologna reform and promotes school education oriented towards everyday experience. Topics of his lectures include aspects of enlightened scientific society, free will and emotional intelligence as well as the transformation of the German language. Other areas of interest are violence as a central gender problem, cosmetic surgery as an expression of autonomy and the question of a just legal system in connection with human action control.

Buch von Prof. Huebl.


"Folge dem weißen Kaninchen ... in die Welt der Philosophie"... (“Follow the white rabbit ... into the world of philosophy”) This easy-to-read book that tackles the major philosophical issues of life in an accessible style is currently giving Stuttgart philosopher Philipp Hübl – born in Hanover in 1975 – a high profile in bookstores and in the press. A junior professor for theoretical philosophy, Hübl studied philosophy and linguistics in Berlin, Berkeley, New York and Oxford. He then taught at RWTH Aachen and the Humboldt University of Berlin. Hübl was a Fulbright scholar as well as receiving a scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. He researches into the philosophy of the mind, action theory, the philosophy of language, metaphysics, the theory of science and knowledge, and he has lectured in places such as Antwerp, Barcelona, Belfast, Bielefeld, Bremen, Krakow, Lisbon, New York, Potsdam, Utrecht and Zurich. He is the author of numerous articles on social and political topics, for example in the FAZ, taz, UniSpiegel, on Spiegel online and the online editions of El País and the Irish Times; he has taught at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Stuttgart since September 2012.


Jun.-Prof. Philipp Hübl
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