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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Liewald MBA

Contact persons

Dr.-Ing. S. Wagner

Dipl.-Ing. J. Baur

Fields of activity

Fundamentals in Metal Forming:

  • Process simulation and analysis: various methods of computational determination of process parameters during forming process 
  • Fundamentals in Material Investigation: evaluation of the elastic-plastic behaviour of metals, influence of forming process related parameters on properties of workpiece
  • Fundamentals of tribology in metal forming processes: effects of friction on process development, techniques and standards for evaluation of mechanisms of friction, lubrication and wear for sheet and bulk metal processes.

Scope of Metal Forming Techniques:

  • Sheet metal forming: deep and stretch drawing of carbody parts and general purpose flat shaped parts, bending, superplastic forming of sheets and tubes, hydro-/ heatforming of sheets, tubes and profiles made of steel, aluminium and magnesium alloys.
  • Bulk metal forming: hot and cold extrusion, forging applications, upsetting and lateral extrusion, multiaxis process development for bulk metal forming; ultrasonic assisted wire and tube drawing, piezo applications; semi-solid forming of lightweight alloys and high melting biocompatible materials.

Tooling/Tool development:

FEA based process design and development of suitable tool concepts, Computer Aided Design (CAD) of dies and tools for sheet and bulk metal forming, wire drawing and thixoforging, stress and strain analysis of tool components, tool material and coating investigations, tool and die manufacturing (own die shop), prototype tooling for bulk and sheet metal forming.

Press machines / metal forming equipment:

Laboratory equipped with various sheet metal press machines for deep drawing, trimming and re-striking; clamping devices for heet and hydroforming applications up to capacity of 35,000 kN; conceptual optimization of drawing cushion systems; development/concepts of energy recovery during deep drawing process; research activities on behaviour servo-electrically driven press machines.


  • membership in numerous scientific organizations (ICFG, GCFG, AIF/EFB e.V., VDW/FWF e.V.)
  • certified degree in teaching and education
  • member of the faculty



Mechanical driven and hydraulic processes for sheet and bulk metal forming processes with nominal capacities ranging between FN = 600 kN and FN = 12,500 kN, hydraulic press for thixo forging (FN= 5,000 kN, ram velocity up to 800 mm/s), clamping devices (capacities from 2,000 kN up to 35,000 kN), laser marking fixture 200 x 200 mm, laboratory for ultrasonic assisted metal forming; 3D-SNC measuring machine, 3D-surface measuring machine; laboratory for tribological investigations (draw bead, strip-drawing, lubricant assessment); laboratory for metallography; two labs for sheet metal and bulk material investigation (uniaxial tensile, bulge, forming limit diagram, bending limit); 150 qm2 die shop (max. die-size 2 x 1 m, milling-, turning-, grinding machines), available working space in total 1,200 qm2, CAD-pool, computercluster.

Target groups

Companies in the field of semi-finished goods (sheet metal material, bulk material), companies in the field of automotive industry and supplying industry, entities in manufacturing technology around metal forming and cutting processes; press machine makers, material developer.