Agility Lab

The newly created Agility Lab is an innovative cross-departmental structure of the Central Administration. The service includes, among other things, a “one-stop shop” service for the two Clusters of Excellence.

All bureaucratic steps necessary for a particular objective are to be carried out in one place.

As a new type of cross-departmental structure of the Central Administration, the Agility Lab offers a “one-stop shop” service for the two Clusters of Excellence and the faculties involved. In addition, the Agility Lab sees itself as a think tank and initiator for agility and flexibility in the Central Administration.

As a cross-departmental structure, the Agility Lab sees itself as an open ecosystem that, as an intelligent system, tests novel administrative units and procedures beyond the traditional administrative organization and in the vision of the university.

Establish smooth and efficient processes

The medium-term goal is to develop and test new work processes, work structures, and intelligent database systems for administrative action. In the process, the Agility Lab aims to establish smooth, efficient procedures and enable consistent problem-solving methods and a quick response regarding specific problems from the Clusters. In addition, it is in close communication with the university’s other institutions and bodies and actively supports change management.

  • We offer:
    • Services for Clusters of Excellence
    • Services regarding agility



Agility Lab

Keplerstrasse 7, 70174 Stuttgart

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