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Date: October 9, 2017, No. 89

University of Stuttgart starts campaign “My Campus”

Responsibility and commitment for a cleaner and attractive university

The campus of the University of Stuttgart is a place to study and work for over 33,000 members. It is here that students, lecturers and employees alike spend a considerable part of their lives. How good the members of the university feel in everyday university life and with which motivation and joy they are able to fulfil their tasks also depends not least on the external appearance of the university. Yet the cleanliness in the indoor and outdoor area of the university often leaves a lot to be desired: cigarette butts, waste and party leftovers as well as graffiti and vandalism occasionally impair the vital campus atmosphere at the University of Stuttgart. Upon the initiative of a work group in which students and employees are involved, the University of Stuttgart is therefore starting the campaign “My Campus” at the beginning of the winter semester 2017/18.

The campaign addresses all members of the university and appeals to them to take responsibility for their own surroundings, to treat buildings and premises with care and thus to make an active contribution towards attaining a cleaner and attractive university. 

As a first measure the university administration initiated erecting additional waste bins, attaching wall ashtrays for outdoor areas, tending the green areas as well as removing graffiti on signs and walls. Students are already getting involved with project ideas such as “Pfandkiste Plus“ (returnable water crates plus), “Sprücheklopfer“ (braggart) and “Street Art“.

Taking care of the campus concerns everybody. That is why the university is appealing to all members of the university to take part in the campaign “My Campus” at the start of the new semester. Since the commitment of everybody is called for to make the campus of the University of Stuttgart attractive and so that members and guests feel at home here.   

The Media University (HdM) on the Vaihingen Campus is also getting involved in the campaign “My Campus”. 

Video at the start of the campaign

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