Press release 88: Professor Nicole Radde has been the Equal Opportunities Officer at the University of Stuttgart since 1st October.  Copyright: Universität Stuttgart/Martin Stollberg

Date: October 5, 2017, No. 88

Professor Nicole Radde is the new Equal Opportunities Officer at the University of Stuttgart

Thanks to Dr Gabriele Hardtmann for the success regarding the topic of equal opportunities
[Picture: Universität Stuttgart/Martin Stollberg]

Professor Nicole Radde researches at the Institute for Systems Theory and Control Engineering and is a member of the excellence cluster SimTech. The mathematician with a doctorate is not a newcomer to the field of equal opportunities. She has been the Equal Opportunities Officer at Faculty 7 Construction, Production and Automotive Engineering since 2014. She is now responsible for the field of equal opportunities university-wide and says about her task: “I assumed the office because I experienced myself how important structured offers are for a successful scientific career and I am able to argue from the viewpoint of science. In addition, the compatibility of career and family are of utmost importance to me personally”. The 40-year old is married and has two children.

She states that increasing the percentage of women, particularly referring to non-professional academic staff, doctorates and professorships are important goals. Involving the Equal Opportunities Officers in the appointment processes is of great significance. Parental leave and taking on care responsibilities should be taken into account in the evaluation in an appropriate manner. A method of increasing the proportion of female doctoral students would be creating structured doctoral programs, according to the new Equal Opportunities Officer: “We already have good programs at the university, such as the Graduate Academy GRADUS or the Graduate School SimTech. In the fields where these programs exist, a clear increase in the percentage of women is clearly visible.“ At the beginning of her term in office Professor Nicole Radde would like to introduce herself to the ten faculties of the university. 

University Rector Professor Wolfram Ressel thanks Dr Gabriele Hardtmann, who finished her successful work as the Equal Opportunities Officer at the University of Stuttgart after nine years: “Dr Hardtmann performed her duties with great commitment and set a great deal in motion at the university. I am delighted that Professor Nicole Radde is taking over and continuing this important task.“

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