Date: February 20, 2017, No. 16

New avenues of cooperation between university and business

Club provides small and medium-sized enterprises exclusive access to the University of Stuttgart.

Please note:
The event has been postponed due to schedule reasons. A new date will be communicated in time.

The University of Stuttgart is the first German university to offer small and medium-sized enterprises exclusive access to its scientific services and resources. The exclusive goal of the gofuture!Klub should be to promote the cooperation between these companies and science. “The University of Stuttgart wishes to consciously break new ground with the small and medium-sized companies. Unlike large concerns, companies of this size have not yet exploited the potential of cooperating with universities. With the gofuture!Klub we are making attractive offers for the long-term safeguarding of their sustainability and competitiveness“, according the rector of the University of Stuttgart, Professor Wolfram Ressel. “In addition, the students in turn are given valuable insights into the working fields of the future.“

The economic pressure, particularly on small and medium-sized enterprises has increased greatly in previous years. Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 or skills shortage present them with ever new challenges. The changes on the labour market also require new approaches from all those involved. Professor Ressel stated, “Students are often attracted to the world-renowned concerns. However, we should not forget that Germany’s economic success and innovativeness are also based to a considerable extent on the creativeness of the SMEs. We as the University of Stuttgart therefore wish to make our students more aware of the attractiveness of these “hidden champions” than has been the case up to now.“

Along with the already very well established cooperation with large concerns, the University of Stuttgart is now positioning itself on a wider basis and is intensifying its contact with small and medium-sized enterprises with the gofuture!Klub. In addition to the primary aim of excellent research and teaching, Professor Ressel wishes to reveal to the students new paths into the labour market: “Small and medium-sized enterprises also offer attractive and sustainable jobs. The problem is, however, that many of these companies have been fairly unknown to young people up to now. Particularly against the background of the skills shortage in our economically strong region, there is a need for action.“

According to the rector, the gofuture!Klub is a new initiative with a broad and attractive range. The catalogue of services ranges from access to personal contact persons at the University, scientific forums up to direct contact with the students and scientists. Furthermore, the companies have the opportunity to take part in exclusive events organised by the University at home and abroad. “Everybody is to benefit from the gofuture!Klub – companies, students and the University of Stuttgart: a win-win situation for all parties!“

The gofuture!Klub is based on a joint idea by the University of Stuttgart with both Stuttgart companies Jürgen Fürst, Suxes GmbH and Christian Dau, DAU Kommunikation GmbH.

On 15th March 2017 the rector of the University of Stuttgart will be introducing the gofuture!Klub and its services for the first time in the course of an information event. The membership incurs an annual membership fee that is based on the number of employees in the respective company. 

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