Date: April 16, 2018, No. 32

Graduate School at the University of Stuttgart celebrates ten years of the promotion of excellence

GSaME looks back at its overall success at the annual conference 2018

At the annual conference on Friday, 13th April 2018 the Graduate School GSaME at the University of Stuttgart provided information on its current research results in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering under the banner “Networking, Agility, Efficiency – Key to Sustainable Production”. After ten years of promotion within the excellence initiative GSaMe drew a positive overall balance and presented its results in research, qualification as well as the promotion of young researchers in the course of the event in Stuttgart’s “Haus der Wirtschaft” and spoke about its prospects.

On the occasion of the annual conference 2018 the Graduate School GSaME once again put its inspirations into practice of being an exchange forum between science and business to shape current production and of being factories of the future. The approx. 200 participants were given an insight into developing scientifically sound approaches and practical solutions for the factories of the next generation.

Ulrich Steinbach, Ministerial Director and Head of Office of the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg, emphasised in his welcoming speech: “The GSaME is an impressive best practice example because it puts the intensive exchange and science transfer between the University and the companies into practice in an exemplary manner. In doing to it combines excellent research with education accompanying research.”

Professor Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, thanked all those supporters of the innovative doctoral program: “They have placed their trust in us with regard to the performance level of the doctoral graduates and quality of the research results and have actively cooperated in structuring GSaME in numerous initiatives and measures.“

Professor Sylvia Rohr, Managing Director of GSaME, emphasised: “GSaME will also ensure in future its achieved top position with diverse activities in research and qualification as well as with high standards of support services and procedures.“

In lectures in the plenary session, there were discussions among others between Professor Michael Hüther, Director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, Dr Rainer Kallenbach, CEO Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, as well as Professor Oliver Riedel, Head of the Institute for Control Engineering for Machine Tools and Production Equipment (ISW) from the University of Stuttgart. Together with further renowned experts from science and business, strategies and solution approaches for example to further develop production technologies and to link intelligent systems in the factory were debated. The aim is to promote as flexible, efficient and sustainable a production as possible in an environment characterised by a high degree of volatility. Doctoral candidates from GSaME proved their efficiency in lectures and in the framework of the poster exhibition. The event concluded with the award of the prize “Best GSaME Dissertation“, that was presented to Dr.-Ing. Peter Stritt.

The Graduate School has achieved its goals within the promotion of excellence. The regional and international efficacy, the great demand on the part of business and science as well as the sustained growth dynamics of GSaME and the successful career paths of its doctorates show very good prospects for the further development. The Graduate School will also make unique contributions in the future to promote cutting edge research on the level of the young scientific researchers. It has also proven itself as a Best Practice Model for university graduate programs in cooperation with industry.

About GSaME

The Graduate School of Excellence advanced Manufacturing Engineering GSaME is an internationally leading centre for the qualification of prospective leaders through cutting edge research and innovation, oriented on the current and future specialist and management duties of a global labour market.

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