Date: May 6, 2021

Excellence in Dialogue

The University of Stuttgart commences a new, internal dialogue series with a high-caliber line-up

The University of Stuttgart is commencing a new series of dialogue events, aimed at all members of the university. The university invites its students, researchers, employees, alumnae and alumni to attend "Excellence in Dialogue", an series with a high-caliber liner-up. Margot Gerritsen, professor at the renowned Stanford University, will be speaking at the first digital event on May 11. She is a mathematician and an expert in the field of computer simulations.

Under the title "Nou breekt mijn Klomp – 40 years of adventure in STEM" (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics), Gerritsen will be speaking about routes in computer science – both the right and the wrong ones – and her 40 years of experience as a researcher. But it's not all serious, the Dutch saying that she quotes can roughly be translated as: "That knocked my socks off".

This event is defined by its special dialogic character and the interaction with the audience. Gerritsen's contribution will largely be an exchange with Prof. Reiner Helmig, speaker for the Stuttgart Collaborative Research Center on Porous Media and Gerritsen's peer, who will moderate the event. Helmig will ensure that questions from the audience are incorporated into the event. These may be submitted during the event via live chat, or in advance via the webpage.

As part of the Excellence initiatives, the university previously hosted an event series under the German title "Exzellenz im Dialog". This was initiatied and organized by the Simulation Technology (SimTech) Cluster of Excellence. This series marked the end of the winter semester and also featured top-class speakers. In particular, it offered young SimTech researchers perspectives that went beyond their field of expertise - namely fundamental aspects of academic excellence.

Rector Prof. Wolfram Ressel, together with Prof. Thomas Ertl und Prof. Achim Menges, speakers from the SimTech and IntCDC Clusters of Excellence, would like to invite all members of the university to attend this new and even more international event series "Excellence in Dialogue". People from different disciplines and fields meet to discuss exciting topics. In line with the university motto "intelligent systems for a sustainable society", they help to make the university a place of collaborative reflection and lively exchanges.

As for the latter, Rector Ressel notes: “Of course, virtual meetings cannot replace personal encounters with all their intellectual and cultural benefits. However, by using a virtual or hybrid format, we can still enrich our global dialogue.”

Due to its international character, this event will be held in English, translations into several languages, including German, will be available as subtitles.


Sabine Cornils, University of Stuttgart, Office of the Rectorate, phone: +49 711 685-81021, E-Mail


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