October 19, 2020

Tech & Talents Hackathon

October 19 – 22, 2020

The Tech &Talents Hackathon will be taking place for the first time this year. Under the slogan “student today, founder tomorrow”, this event offers you the opportunity to learn new skills in the field of entrepreneurship and how to transform patents into a start-up idea.

Those of you who are already planning your lectures for the next semester and who want to take an additional key competency course, should take a look at this new format. Over the course of four days, this event offers you the opportunity to tackle a variety of challenges and get to know students from other faculties, as well as innovative technology-based patents. After taking a first deep-drive to the patents and to team matching, the teams then face a number of different tasks, using Lean start-up methods from the patent to develop a business model. The Tech & Talents Hackathon end with a Pitch Night, where the results are presented. Furthermore, there will also be the chance to further develop the start-up plan with the patent and the team.

This event will be held online.

Further information and registration for the event 

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