November 8, 2017

Conference: Designing the cities of the future, lifelong mobility whatever the weather

November 8, 2017 9:00 AM   until November 9, 2017 3:45 PM  

In collaboration with the Fritz und Hildegard Berg Foundation, the junior research group autonomMobil invites you to the conference “Designing the city of the future: lifelong mobility whatever the weather”, on November 8 and 9, 2017. 

What would a city look like that could serve the needs of all generations?

How could a city be designed that would help older residents to remain mobile and serve their needs for social participation and autonomy? How does the built environment obstruct or aid everyday mobility and the activity of older citizens? What influence do climatic conditions, such as heat waves, have on their health?

Temperatures of 30°C during the day and hot or tropical nights with high air humidity pose particular difficulties for the older generation. The spatial aspects of the built environment (e.g. ground sealing, lack of shade) make these stressful conditions even worse, which can affect the activity and general mobility of older people.

Demographic changes, urbanization and climate change are the three “significant societal trends” that posed autonomMobil with the greatest challenges, both analytically and conceptually.

The work carried out by autonomMOBIL focuses on the diverse interactions between the environment (built environment, climatic influences, neighborhoods) and the expectations and needs of older residents. Stuttgart has a geographically exposed valley location and its urban and traffic concepts for car traffic served as research benchmark. The research carried out by this inter and trans disciplinary group is conducted with the intention of contributing to the design of a forward-looking city and traffic concept that functions on a more human scale, serving the needs of all generations living in it. 


This conference is intended to bring together scientists from various disciplines, civil society stakeholders and urban planners (architecture, planning-, health-, spatial- and traffic sciences). The program will include plenary lectures and work groups. A (real) experimental format will be used for the work groups: the conference participants will meet in groups in defined environmental settings, and some of these will be located throughout the city, weather permitting. Participants will be guided through real life ‘settings’, where they will observe, audit, collect and evaluate. The findings of these site visits will then be brought to the plenum and discussed using the fishbowl format.

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Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus (RBK)
Auerbachstraße 110
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