October 17, 2017

Flying with a clear conscience? Why we want electric planes – and where they could fly to.

Ask the experts

October 17, 2017 7:00 PM   until 8:30 PM  

On July 26, 2016 the electric plane Solar Impulse completed its circumnavigation of the earth – powered by solar energy and without using a single drop of fuel. On September 29, 2016, the electric plane HY4 embarked upon its maiden flight in Stuttgart – powered by a silent fuel cell battery system that was fed by hydrogen and emitted only steam. Will 2016 one day be recorded as the birth year of electric aviation? Will we soon be able to fly to New York to do some Christmas shopping with a completely clear conscience? But first we must find the answers to three important questions: what is electric aviation? What problems might it solve? And where could we fly to, and where not?  These questions will be discussed during the lecture.

Prof. Dr. André Thess  University of Stuttgart, Institute of Energy Storage and the German Aerospace Center

Entrance is free of charge
Event Language: German

Rotebühlplatz 28
70173  Stuttgart