University of Stuttgart in demand at the “Einstieg“ in Karlsruhe

Quantum minigolf and driving simulator showed the way to Stuttgart.

At the fair “Einstieg“ for study, education and gap year, around 100 universities, companies and associations presented themselves from October 5th to 6th in Karlsruhe’s Gartenhalle.

This year the organizers of the education fair “Einstieg” Karlsruhe registered a total of 7,000 visitors. Thus, it concurred with the number from the previous year. The University of Stuttgart once again used the event to provide information on its wide range of degree courses, in particular on teacher training courses. Its exhibit “driving simulator“ and “quantum minigolf“ thereby enticed numerous visitors and were representative of the joy of being able to experience studying and science alongside each other. The university’s new fair stand for educational fairs provided a suitable framework for this.   

Besucher am Messestand

Quantum minigolf

The fact that a golf ball can be at several places at the same time is proven by the quantum minigolf game at the university stand. Visitors playfully experienced here the very unique laws of the quanta, revealing themselves sometimes as particles, sometimes as waves. Getting the “ball” in the hole turned out to be a pretty unpredictable task. 

Besucher versuchen sich am Fahrsimulator

Driving simulator

The driving simulator was also very well received by the visitors. Steering wheel and accelerator pedal turned some pupils into passionate racing drivers. Software developed by students at the Institute of Industrial Automation and Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart evaluated important details on the journey in the background, such as for example speed and acceleration, gas and braking flow, oil and water temperature.


The Student Counseling Center as well as representatives from the engineering sciences from the faculties registered numerous discussions on both days. Particularly on Saturday, the second fair day, the University of Stuttgart stand was the contact point for numerous questions posed by budding graduates.

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