April 13, 2018

University of Stuttgart at the Brazil Education Fair

Germany and Brazil: It is not only the love of football that connects both countries; they also enjoy close relations in business and education.

For the third time in a row the University of Stuttgart is participating in the Post Graduate Fair Euro-Pós, that is taking place from 19th until 22nd April in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The last time it took place in 2014, around 8000 visitors inquired about the possibilities of studying in Europe in São Paulo alone. 47% of them thereby stated that they would prefer to study in Germany. This puts the country of poets and thinkers in first place – in front of France (40%) and Great Britain (41%).

Once again a team of two from the University of Stuttgart will be answering questions posed by young interested parties: Dr Wolfgang Holtkamp, Senior Adviser International Affairs, and Débora Zukerán, a student on the international course of studies Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD), who will be adding her perspective to the consultation as a testimonial.

The fact that Brazil and Germany have a lot more in common than the love of football also becomes clear when we take a look at the economic atlas. With around 900 German-Brazilian companies, São Paulo has one of the largest densities of German companies outside of the Federal Republic. The many German emigrants living in Brazil also contribute towards the mutual interest of the countries. A total of 14 German educational facilities will be taking part in the fair, including the University of Freiburg and the TU9 with a joint stand.

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