Volunteers checking the face shields of ARENA 2036

April 21, 2020

Students continue voluntary commitments

The helper pool developed by the student council stuvus has its hands full. Almost 300 registered volunteers from various universities and colleges have worked a total of 1,300 hours over the past few weeks. Our students have shown an astounding commitment to social responsibility.
[Picture: Sebastian Uecker]

Helping where help is needed

The students have been tackling a variety of tasks, from working at university facilities, to supporting the German Red Cross and the Stuttgarter Tafel food bank.

In the Tafel locations, students offer support wherever it is needed, helping to ensure that those in need continue to receive food and other necessities. They commission and sort food or they load and unload transporters. Many volunteers also want to continue helping out even during the (digital) lecture period. They enjoy the feeling of being needed and are happy that people are grateful for their help.

The Schwäbische Tafel Stuttgart e.V. has praised the commitment shown by many student helpers, who reliably work shifts even at short notice. The German Red Cross in Stuttgart has also thanked students for their high level of commitment and the uncomplicated organization and spontaneous support from the student council.

Students have also been helping medical personnel in quarantine accommodation, managed by the German Red Cross. One such student is Alanna Lee: “My name is Alanna and I am 22 years old. I am studying a Master’s in Public Planning and Participation. I signed up to the Stuvus helper network in March to help out, and to use the free time I had available due to the postponement of the summer semester. I work at one of German Red Cross’s quarantine stations and support the medical personnel who are treating Covid-19 patients. I enjoy the work a lot and it is great to be able to help the staff there.”

As well as supporting facilities that are already up and running and doing night shifts, the students also helped to set up a new quarantine station.

Helping is a great motivator

The students’ commitment and willingness to help is clearly demonstrated when a shift needs to be filled. For example, one shift, where ten volunteers were needed, was full within 30 minutes.

Volunteers were also involved in the production of medical face shields, developed by ARENA2036. Eight helpers have volunteered to help for a period of more than one week, working in eight-hour shifts every day producing face shields.

"When stuvus told us that ARENA2036 needed volunteers to help with the face shield project, it didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to help. I found this initiative very interesting right from the beginning and I am really pleased that I can offer my support. We assemble, disinfect and pack the face shields, with the aim of producing as many as possible. The more we manage to complete, the happier and more motivated we are to make more. We often get sent images of happy people who are grateful for our masks and this also motivates me to continue. It is a lot of fun to be part of this project and I am grateful for the opportunity to help”, says Marianna Lintzeri, an Electrical Engineering student.


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