March 2, 2018

Preparatory courses at MINT College

MINT College Baden-Württemberg has a wide variety of courses on offer to support students beginning their university education. Registration has already begun for courses beginning in April.

Anyone starting a degree in mathematics, computer science, science or engineering science in the autumn semester 2018 can deepen their school knowledge of mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry in our preparatory courses at the MINT College Baden-Württemberg. These courses will also provide some insight into university working methods and requirements.

Courses begin April 9
The courses begin on April 9 and last three months. They are aimed at students who have recently completed their Abitur (final school examinations), and particularly those who have spent a year doing voluntary work, travelling or completing an apprenticeship. It is possible to participate without being enrolled at the university. The subjects can be combined or taken separately.

Registration is now possible.

Preparatory courses at MINT College.

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