February 19, 2019

New: ECUS stamps and VVS semester stamps

ECUS stamps and VVS semester stamps will replace semester stamps.

From the summer semester 2019 onwards, we will no longer be printing or delivering semester stamps. Semester stamps will be replaced by ECUS stamps and VVS semester stamps, which you must print yourself.

  • ECUS stamps: ECUS is only valid for one semester. Viability is proved with ECUS stamps. After enrolling/receiving enrollment confirmation, you must print these stamps yourself from your own personal C@MPUS account.
  • VVS semester stamp: In conjunction with an official photo ID you can use your VVS semester stamp as a VVS ticket from Mon. – Fri. from 6:00 p.m. onwards, and all day on weekends and public holidays.The ECUS must be carried with you. Please print your VVS semester stamps each semester from the SSB website after your enrollment has been confirmed. But please note: It will be possible to print these out from March 2019

VVS StudiTicket: If you wish to use the VVS network before 6:00pm, you must purchase a network pass and a semester ticket (Studi-Ticket) from SSB. 

Further information and instructions on the new ECUS stamps and VVS semester stamps

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