14 apprentices start their apprenticeships at the University of Stuttgart

September 3, 2021

On September 2, five women and nine men began their apprenticeships in the academic environment of the University of Stuttgart.

Today, 14 apprentices have begun their apprenticeships at the University of Stuttgart. University Chancellor Jan Gerken welcomed the five women and nine men on the university campus and wished them all the best for the future.

Over the next three to four years, the apprentices will complete their apprenticeships in an academic setting in the university’s laboratories, workshops and administrative departments. Today, six industrial mechanics, two material testers, a cabinet maker, two media and information specialists, two sport and fitness specialists and a biology lab technician all began an exciting new professional chapter. 

The university received a total of 306 apprenticeship applications. The majority of applications received are for apprenticeship placements as an industrial mechanic.

Why choose a university to do an apprenticship?

Alexandra Rubendörffer and Natalie Cleß are embarking on their apprenticeships as media and information specialists. Rubendörffer explains: “During my agricultural science degree, I quickly realized that that was not the right field for me. I was interested in bibliology, and I was advised to go into bookselling or publishing. The Uni Stuttgart offers the opportunity to combine my interests with science and academia.”

And Natalie Cleß adds: “During my gap year, I worked as a volunteer in a local library. It made me realize how much I enjoy this kind of work. As a result, I inquired about apprenticeships in this field, and it was the diversity of the apprenticeship at the University of Stuttgart that convinced me.”

Noah Samuel Hübner is a prospective sports and fitness specialist, he says: "The university is a very professional employer, it offers a comprehensive apprenticeship program and the opportunity to build a network. This can lead to further career and training options, such as studying for a degree."


Excellent example of a piece of practical work for the final exam. Made of pear wood, walnut, acrylic glass and leather

The excellent standards of training at the University of Stuttgart are demonstrated by the success of apprentice Franziska Holly Geiß: she produced an outstanding piece of practical work at the end of her apprenticeship - a combination of a mobile chest of drawers and a chest in the style of a toolbox - and thus received recognition in the trade magazine "BM".

A piece of practical work produced at the end of her apprenticeship, by Franziska Holly Geiß
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