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Outgoing, Incoming and International Research

Services of the International Office

The International Office supports incoming students and researchers. At the same time, it offers advice and assistance for researchers and students planning to study abroad.


The University of Stuttgart is an internationally recognized research university that cultivates global culture. This includes giving its students the opportunity to continue their education at universities in other countries. It supports its researchers in global research teamwork with scientists in all disciplines. At the same time, it supports talented individuals from abroad who want to study at the University of Stuttgart or pursue their research here.

The International Office (IZ)

The International Office at the IZ on the Vaihingen campus coordinates all programs, counseling, and events for

  • Incoming students and researchers from abroad
  • Outgoing students: University of Stuttgart students interested in a study abroad stay

Eingangsbereich des Internationalen Zentrums in Stuttgart-Vaihingen
The International Office is located right in the heart of the Vaihingen campus.


Internationales Zentrum
Pfaffenwaldring 60
70569 Stuttgart

For University of Stuttgart students

Study abroad

A study stay abroad does not only produce benefits that last a lifetime. Since it shows a willingness to get out of a personal comfort zone, studying abroad can also boost career chances while also conferring many new experiences, realizations, and discoveries. Specifically, these include:

  • New or boosted language proficiencies
  • Insights into other ways of life and cultures
  • Questioning own life circumstances and habitudes
  • International networking opportunities
  • Expanding perspectives on subject knowledge and methods

The University of Stuttgart is deeply interested in facilitating an optimum study experience for its students. Naturally, that also means expanding our vision beyond our own borders. The University maintains numerous relationships with foreign university on six continents for research and teaching exchanges.

More information on stays abroad and exchange programs

Double Master's programs

Students at the University of Stuttgart can enroll in so-called Double Master's programs. These programs offer the chance to obtain Master's degrees from two universities simultaneously.

More information on Double Master's programs


Students looking for help in planning a stay abroad are invited to contact the International Office via email.

All programs

A complete directory of exchange programs and of the University‘s internal cooperation arrangement is offered on the MoveOnNet.eu web site under “Higher Education Worldwide.” It is a publication of the Stuttgart branch of the QS Solutions Agency that is known for its QS World Universities Ranking lists of international universities.

Bei der Veranstaltung „Come Together“ des Internationalen Zentrums treffen sich Outgoings und Incomings und tauschen sich über ihre  Erfahrungen als Studierende aus dem Ausland aus.
Outgoings and incomings meet to exchange their experiences as students from abroad during the “Get Together” social event offered by the International Office.

For international students and applicants

Support and counseling for students from other countries are offered by the International Office with its menu of specialized services. These range from coordination of administrative processes to organizing social and cultural events.

Treppenhaus im Internationalen Zentrum
The International Office is a place for meetings and getting skilled help.

Staff members of the International Office act as intermediaries when it comes to culturally-sensitive case management, be it for organizational questions or problems of a psychic or social nature.

Detailed information on service offerings that run the gamut from helping with residency permits to financing options, to German language courses are to be found on the webpages for international students under the home page’s “Student” tab.

Incoming students auf Exkursion bei einer Winter School
Some of our incoming students on an excursion during the Winter University.

Students from abroad who want to do all or part of their studies in Stuttgart are free to choose from regular studies as degree students, single semesters as freemovers, or as exchange students. In addition, the University of Stuttgart offers short-term programs like the Summer University or Winter University for its international partners. The University of Stuttgart’s academic offerings for its incoming students are truly wide-ranging.

The ready.study.stuttgart buddy program refers volunteer Buddies (contact and support persons) to students from abroad. As part of the program, we organize informational events at each semester start, provide support with formalities, organize events and arrange group outings. Meetings around a pub table every six weeks provide a congenial venue for sharing experiences.

Mentor und Metee bei einem Nachtreffen in der Stuttgarter Innenstadt.
Mentoring also makes friends. The program is a win-win for mentors and mentees.

One-on-one counseling is part of the Intercultural Mentoring Program. Designed to help minimize the number of international student drop-outs, it offers intensive counseling and support, helps improve subject knowledge and language proficiency and fosters social integrations and cultural exchanges. The mentoring program also incorporates familiarization seminars, intercultural training, weekly classes and practice groups as well as a multi-faceted framework program.

For international students, the email address of the International Office is: incoming@ia.uni-stuttgart.de

For refugees

We have several special offerings for refugees interested in applying to study at the University of Stuttgart. These services comprise familiarization programs, day-to-day support, German language classes, tandem learning and various options for studying at our university. For detailed information contact the Welcome Campus coordination office.

Studentinnen und Studenten aus Deutschland und aus dem Ausland bei einer Veranstaltung im Internationalen Zentrum (IZ) in Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Student discussion during an event hosted by the International Office.

For doctoral students

The International Office helps PhD students from abroad with all questions about formalities and everyday life in Germany. Studying for the doctorate leads to a doctoral dissertation and is a first research activity after graduating. It is also a step in a scientific career. Organizationally, PhD students at the University of Stuttgart are classified as students. As such, they apply for doctoral degree studies and go through enrollment.

For the duration of your doctoral studies at the University of Stuttgart, a network of committed employees will stand ready to support and advise you

For guest researchers

Die ägyptische Architektin Hanaa Dahy erforscht an der Universität Stuttgart recycelbare Faserplatten.
Egyptian architect Hanaa Dahy does research on recycable fiberboards at the University of Stuttgart.

The University of Stuttgart helps scientists from other countries establish themselves in Germany and concentrate on their research without bureaucratic hurdles.

The Welcome Center in the International Office functions as first point of contact and includes a personal contact as well as a virtual platform with all relevant information, plus seminars and field trips. The support phase begins with planning the stay and immigration formalities and extends to the stay in Stuttgart until the day of departure, after which it evolves directly into an intensive alumni contact.

You will find all important information gathered on our research web pages. We have an FAQ list of the questions that come up most often. 

International research with Humboldt award winners at the University of Stuttgart

Over the past 15 years, almost 200 Humboldt scholars chose a research stay at the University of Stuttgart. What drew them here was an infrastructure at a top international level, the exceptional networking opportunities with institutions outside the University as well as an intensive, inspiring climate for discussion.  

All subject areas are popular: You can find portraits of some of the researchers in physics, engineering sciences, mathematics, and literary sciences who have been guests at the University of Stuttgart on our Research with Humboldt web page.

Expanding research horizons

Whether it is networked geodesy research, production engineering and automation in Joint Research Labs in Shanghai, civil engineering at the foot of the Himalayas, mind-machine interactions in Lombardy, a European-wide study of porous media or the most precise observation of droplets: researchers at the University of Stuttgart are networked around the world. Their border-spanning collaborations on diverse projects adds up to high quality research. 


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