Staatsexamen  Teaching Qualification 

Physical Education

Standard Period of Study: 10 semesters
Teaching Language: German

This study program is not offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

The Physical Education State Examination for Teachers in high schools (degree: GymPO) is designed to provide a broadly conceived foundational education that builds on, expands, and deepens knowledge acquired in high school. Students are introduced to sports scientific working, thinking, and judging.

The studies focus on knowledge of the effects that physical activity has on the body’s functional efficiency. Added to this are pedagogical, psychological, sociological and biomedical contents from sports science. The study program enables students to label the linkages between physical activity, psycho-physical reaction, and adaptation, to identify and influence them and configure them specifically for the school context.  

You should have an interest in

  • Sports and movement
  • Natural scientific, socioscientific, and humanistic fundamentals

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