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MINT College orientation courses

Refresh and deepen: preparing for studies in mathematics, computer science, physics, and chemistry

The MINT College provides help for studying the MINT subjects with offerings of refresher and preparatory courses and other assistance, counseling included.

The Baden-Württemberg MINT College

MINT stands for  Mathematics, Information Technology (or Computer Science), Natural Sciences, Technics (i.e., engineering).

Offers for prospective students

MINT studies sound interesting? Not sure if MINT courses are right for you? Or are you interested in refreshing, improving or deepening your knowledge in one or more of the above-named subjects in preparation for your planned studies? The MINT College is ready to help you with the following course offerings. You can choose the offering that suits you best depending on the state of your knowledge.

Online assessment test

Our Online-Test [de] lets you assess your own level of knowledge. It will help you decide if MINT is for you and, if so, which of its offerings best fit your learning needs.

Mathematics bridging course

With the online mathematics bridging course [de], prospective students can test their knowledge of mathematics acquired in school and solidify it according to their own schedule. The course consists of testing and learning units and is oriented toward secondary level I and II subject material. This is required knowledge for regular studies in the subject.  

Refresher classes

Refresher classes [de] of two-to three-week duration that begin in mid-September right before semester start serve as refreshers for MINT subject knowledge acquired in school. Each of the preparatory courses can be enrolled in individually. 

Studies preparatory courses

These one- or two-semester courses are designed for prospective or new students wanting to solidify and deepen their knowledge of mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry. Preparatory semester courses [de] in these subjects can be taken individually or in combination.


The MINT College offers experts help and counseling [de] to prospective and new students prior to starting their studies.



MINT College Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart

Azenbergstraße 12, 70174 Stuttgart, (Carl-von-Bach-Haus)