Expiring degree programs

Dated exam regulations are grandfathered even when new exam regulations come into force. Terminating study programs can be completed by a given deadline.

All regulations for a particular study program are established by the exam regulations (only available in German) for example, which degree it results in or what is required to obtain it. An exam regulation (Prüfungsordnung = PO) remains in force until a new PO is adopted. The new regulation will stipulate transition deadlines within which students are then allowed to complete studies begun under the previous PO.

There is still one outdated degree program at the University of Stuttgart: the First State Examination for High School Teaching. It pertains to students that began their studies prior to the introduction of the modularized exam regulations.

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Students studying to be high school teachers have until 2021or 2022 to complete their studies under the old exam regulations.

Termination of study programs under GymPO I for high school teachers

Students planning a teaching career who are studying under the 2009 Exam Regulation GymPO I have until the fall of 2021 to complete their studies. For programs combining subjects in art and music the deadline is extended to the fall of 2022.This applies to state teacher examination candidates who began their studies prior to August 1, 2015. All others are subject to the provisions for Bachelor's and Master's teaching programs.

Implications for GymPO I students

After the deadline passes, state examinations according to GymPO I (2009) can no longer be taken. This matters especially for anyone wishing to change the field of study or add a second subject. In that case, it is important to consult with Student Counseling to ensure that the deadline for the old PO can still be met despite the contemplated changes.  

Further information on terminating degree programs can be obtained from the study programs overview pages [de] dealing with the state teacher examination and on the website Übergangsregelungen: GymPO I zu Lehramt mit Bachelor und Master [de], both websites are in German.

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