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Sports entrance examination

Studying for a normal bachelor’s or teaching bachelor degree in Sports Science presupposes a certain physical performance capability. All applicants for the program must prove they possess it by taking a sports entrance examination.

To study for the following sports science degrees: Physical Education Teaching Qualification B.A. as well as "Erweiterungsmaster" and Sports Science B.A. minor subject you must show that you passed the sports entrance examination or had it waived.

The application window closes on May 15; the online registration [de] for the entrance examination normally opens in mid-March.

You will not receive the registration confirmation via email but instead will be informed in writing after the registration window closes.

The Leaflet for Sports entrance examination with all performance benchmarks [de] includes all the necessary information like:

  • How to register or obtain a waiver for the Sports entrance examination
  • Performance benchmarks for the individual disciplines
  • Fees
  • Validity scope and perios
  • Athletic aptitude
  • Written confirmation of the test
  • How to apply for a study slot after passing the test

Be sure to study the Sports entrance examination leaflet carefully.

Further questions and FAQ

On the webpage of the Institute of Sports Science you can also get answers to FAQs concerning the sports entrance examination [de].
Please contact the Institute of Sports Science [de] with subject-specific questions.
For answers to questions regarding program choice and field of study, please contact the Student Counseling Center.


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