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By Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart

Whether it's a satnav system in the car or Siri on the cell phone: artificial intelligence has long since found its way into people's everyday lives and is regarded as the fuel for Germany and Europe's ability to compete. The German government decreed an artificial intelligence strategy last year and the Baden-Württemberg state government is investing around one billion euro towards become the leading digital region in the current legislative period.

Winfried Kretschmann, Minister President of Baden-Württemberg and guest author in this issue of forschung leben, sees the universities in particular as a source of inspiration. Artificial intelligence plays a central role at the University of Stuttgart in the implementation of its vision of “Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society” and is involved in the interdisciplinary collaboration between multiple disciplines.

We would like to give you some insights into these activities in the current issue of forschung leben. Read how robots will use a cognitive production approach to train themselves in the future and how new production systems will be ready for operation in just a few days. Learn about how the interplay of artificial intelligence and biological design is inspiring machine learning. Discover how artificial intelligence will fundamentally change many other areas, from telecommunications to power supplies to our clothing. And in the series “Im Bilde” we’ll show you what lies behind the potential field of “Autonomous Systems” at the University of Stuttgart and what role the Baden-Württemberg Cyber Valley will play in this.

I wish you an “intelligent” read. Best regards,

Wolfram Ressel

Andrea Mayer-Grenu

Andrea Mayer-Grenu

Scientific Consultant, Research Publications

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