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Doctoral students - the whys and hows of registering

You can sign up for the entire duration of your doctoral studies. Read here about the benefits of enrolling and how to go about it.

Enrolling as a doctoral student at the University of Stuttgart makes sense because:

  • You get a discount on your VVS-Studiticket (public transit pass)

  • You get a student I.D. that lets you eat at reduced prices in Student Services dining halls and cafeterias.

  • Your I.D. is also good for discounts on entrance fees at many cultural facilities, movie theaters, and swimming pools.

Bitte senden Sie die Unterlagen per Post an folgende Adresse:

Universität Stuttgart
Graduierten-Akademie GRADUS
z.Hd. Frau Hawlitschek
Pfaffenwaldring 5c
70569 Stuttgart

Alternativ können Sie Ihre Unterlagen auch in den großen Briefkasten im Foyer des Hauses der Studierenden an der gleichen Adresse einwerfen.

Sollten Sie organisatorische Fragen im Zusammenhang mit Registrierung und Immatrikulation haben, wenden Sie sich bitte per E-Mail an Frau Hawlitschek. Frau Hawlitschek hat zudem zu folgenden Zeiten Sprechstunde:

Mittwochs von 9-11 Uhr
Raum 4.017
Haus der Studierenden
Pfaffenwaldring 5c

Please use the C@MPUS Management System to enroll as a doctoral student.

To make the online sign-up as doctoral degree student easier, we have put together this handy guide downloadable as a pdf file.

There is no application deadline for signing up as a doctoral degree student.  

What documentation do I need to enroll?

  1. Have the following documents ready:
    • Notice of Acceptance as doctoral student from the Doctoral Studies Committee
    • Copy of your higher education entrance qualification; this is normally an upper secondary school leaving certificate (US: high school diploma, UK: A-level certificate)
    • University degree, with grade report for the diploma, magister, state, bachelor’s and master’s degree exam (notarized copy)
    • Certificate of deregistration from the previous university (only applies to German universities)
    • Proof of student medical insurance or waiver, available from your local AOK health insurance plan or alternative health insurance scheme.
    • Passport photo for the student I.D. (for upload on C@MPUS)
  2. After entering all required data in C@MPUS, print the Application for Enrollment and send it signed together with the specified documents to the Admissions Office.
  3. Remit the semester fee to the University of Stuttgart’s account.

Once we have checked your documents and received your semester fee, we will confirm by email that your enrollment as a doctoral degree student in complete.

Should you have any remaining questions about enrollment procedures, the Admissions Office will be glad to assist you during regular business hours.

If you come from a non-EU country,  you will need to produce a residency permit from your local immigration office in order to sign up as a doctoral student.

How do I qualify for a residency permit?

  • Before you can relocate to Germany, you will need a visa. Apply for a student applicant visa at a German embassy or consulate in your home country. After you are officially enrolled, you convert it to a student visa
  • You will need to furnish proof that you have health insurance.Under some circumstances, health insurance from your home country will be accepted. If this is not the case, you need to obtain health insurance in Germany. Consult a legally chartered health insurance entity in Germany, such as the AOK, TK, or DAK health insurance funds. E-mail the University of Stuttgart’s International  Office if you want help with this

Enrolling as a non-degree seeking student

With your studies supervisor’s consent, you can sign up as a temporary student for two semesters (may be extended), provided that you:

  • Have not been accepted as a doctoral student by the Doctoral Studies Committee
  • Want to prepare yourself for doctoral degree studies
  • Need the enrollment notice to get a student visa or residency permit. Important note for when you want to extend your residency permit later: Temporary studies count toward the maximum time you can be enrolled at a German university.

As soon as it is clear that you will be able to complete the doctoral studies course within five years, you may enroll as a doctoral student.

Additional information resources:

How to enroll as a temporary student

If you come to the University of Stuttgart as a visiting scholar while still a doctoral student, you can register as a temporary student with the Campus Management System C@MPUS. This feature is not available to visiting scholars who already have their degrees.

Foreign visiting researchers from non-EU countries need a suitable visa.

How to enroll as a temporary student

Hinweis für hauptberuflich Tätige

Wenn Sie hauptberufliche Mitarbeiterin oder Mitarbeiter der Universität Stuttgart sind, haben Sie die Option, sich nicht zu immatrikulieren. Sollten Sie dies wünschen, reichen Sie bitte zusammen mit den anderen Unterlagen die Erklärung für Hauptberufliche ausgefüllt und unterschrieben ein.