About DoKUS

Who we are and what our mission is

Find out here about the DoKUS governing body, how it is elected, and how it advocates for the issues of concern to doctoral students.

The DoKUS board is elected at the first meeting of every year by the doctoral students of all faculties. The candidate with the most votes represents the Association in the University of Stuttgart’s Senate. The four persons with next highest vote totals are elected to serve as deputies of equal rank. Election dates and procedures are announced timely on our web page and publicized via our mailing list.

The current board members are:

  • Benjamin Maschler (chairman, deputy Senate Representative)
  • Annika Liebgott (Senate Representative)
  • Lisa Wolf (board member, deputy Senate Representative)
  • Yannick Frey (board member, deputy Senate Representative)
  • Konrad Krämer (board member, deputy Senate Representative)

What are our duties?

Our goal is to ensure that doctoral students can do their degree work at the University of Stuttgart under optimal conditions. We derive the following duties from this goal: 

  • We are actively involved in revisions of the doctoral studies regulations, working to improve them for those working on their degrees. For example, we succeeded in having written into the new regulations that enrollment as a doctoral student remains valid until the degree studies are completed. We made our own proposal for the catalog of eligibility steps that doctoral students will have to complete successfully in the future and have a stated position on the catalogs of the doctoral committees.
  • We advise the Senate, Senate committees, faculty deans and other University groups on issues of concern to doctoral students. For example, we nominate individuals from the professoriate as ombudspersons to mediate conflicts between doctoral students and their thesis directors.
  • We support and counsel doctoral students and individuals who would like to become doctoral student.
  • We foster networking and exchanges between doctoral students across departmental borders.



Benjamin Maschler

Chairman, deputy Senate Representative


DoKUS Executive