This picture shows Apl. Prof. Dr. Günter Baumbach

Apl. Prof. Dr. Günter Baumbach

Areas of Research: Energy Research, Environmental Engineering
Thematic Priority: Air Quality Control at Combustion Processes and Industrial Processes, Emissions Control; Ambient Air Quality Control (Immissions); Measurement techniques

Field of Work

  • Experience in Emissions and Air Quality Measurements
  • Research Experience in wood combustion and domestic firings
  • Air Quality Monitoring and management including ring and field tests
  • Knowledge in assessmentof emissions, emissions reduction and emissions monitoring at industrial and power plants
  • International Projects for Air Quality Control in Cyprus and in Mongolia
  • Lectures on Air quality control and emissions reduction
  • Standardisation work on air quality and emission measurement methods in VDI, CEN and ISO
  • Expert Opinions on emissions from combustion plants and emissions reduction

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Personal Information

Prof. Günter Baumbach was born on 04.02.1948 in Suhl/Thüringen. He got is degree in 1973, finished his docotorate in 1977 and habilitated in 1988. Prof Baumbach is retired since 2014.

Member and Convenor in CEN European Standardisation and in ISO.


Prof. Dr. Günter Baumbach
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology (IFK)
Tel.: + 49 7157/ 64150

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