The department Safety is a staff unit of the Chancellor. It advises and supports the University Management, the heads of the University facilities and all employees of the University of Stuttgart in questions of occupational safety and health protection, fire protection and environmental protection.

The employees of the department assume the tasks of the waste management officer, the fire protection officer, the immission protection officer and the dangerous goods officer and are appointed as such.

In addition, Security supports the central representative for biological safety, the animal protection officer and the radiation protection officer in performing their tasks. 

Information on our work and essential relevant regulation changes can be found in a separate newsletter (MAUS) and the Intranet.


The skilled personnel for occupational safety working in the department:

  • perform inspections
  • support the facilities in avaluating dangers of the mechanical, physical an chemical kind
  • arrange measurements of workplaces an survey pollutants
  • advise in the procurement of technical work equipment an personal protective equipement
  • train the heads of the University facilities and the employees
  • support the facilities in terms of maternity protection
  • organize (together with the Occupational Medical Service) first aid an occopational medical care
  • radiaton protection
  • taking care fo genetic engineering facilities

In the field of environmental protection, the department assumes the following tasks:

  • Oranization and implementation (special waste) oft waste disposal at the University
  • Implementation of provisions of water legislation (wastewater discharge, drinking water, handling substances endangering water)
  • Dealing with procedures related to the state immission protection law
  • Organisation and implementation of dangerous goods transports on the road on by aircraft
  • Training employees