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Occupational Medical Service



Arbeitsmedizinischer Dienst
University of Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 59
70569 Stuttgart
  0711 / 685-64545
0711 / 685-64543

Business hours: Mon. - Th. 8.00 am - 4.00 pm
Fri. - 8.00 am - 2.00 pm
Dr. med. Arlt, Renate   0711 / 685-64557
Dr. med. Lucic, Milena
0711 / 685-64546
S c h w e i t z e r, Marion
K ü h n l, Martina
B i c k e l, Doris

The premises of the Occupational Medical Service are located in the building Pfaffenwaldring 59 on the lower ground floor. vorSite plan

Areas of responsibility;

The Occupational Medical Service attends to all employees. It works professionally independently and withouth instruction. All compiled examination findings are fully subject to the regulations of doctor-patient confidentiality.

The original tasks of the occupational health physicians at the Occupational Medical Service, that is an Office to the Assistans to the chancellor, result from the Occupational Protection Act (ASiG) section 3.

Essentially, we focus on the following priority topics:

  • Consulting and informing the employer as well as all employees at the University regarding questions of occupational and health protection. Cooperation with all those responsible for occupational and health safety.
  • Occupational medical preventative medical check-ups for the employees are planned corresponding to the special workplace exposure and hazards.
    The bases are various legal requirements (including regulation on Occupational Medical Preventative Care (ArbMed VV): Occupational Safety Act (ArbSchG); German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) Regulation 2: Radiological Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV); X-ray regulation (RöV); German Ordinance on Biological Working Agents (BiostoffV), National Ordinance Governing VDU Workplaces (BildscharbV). (Registration forms) [de]
    In the framework of these investigations vaccinations will also be given, if necessary, e.g. when handling biological working materials and when working abroad with special climatic and health hazards.

  • Regular inspections of workplaces together with specialized safety personnel, staff council and fire prevention officers. Consultation when designing the workplaces, operational sequences, work environment and regarding other questions of ergonomics.

  • Participation in occupational safety committee meetings.

  • Cooperation in the reintegration and professional rehabilitation of the employees. We are participants in the Integration Team BEM (Operational Integration Management).

  • Advising the chronically sick and employees whose achievement potential has changed.

  • Consulting in the case of special health problems, e.g. mental disturbances, addictions and on psychological and social problems.

  • Consulting on suitable therapy possibilities and contacts.

  • Participation in work group “addiction”.

  • In the framework of measures on health protection and general health promotion close cooperation with health management; participation in the work group circle “health”

  • Our tasks do not include reviewing sick notes of the employees for eligibility!

  • In addition to the tasks described, the doctors from the Occupational Medical Service are available to provide individual consultation on general questions of health, on questions regarding travel medicine, on vaccination advice and on giving occupational vaccinations.

  • Cooperation in the organization of First Aid (bandaging and dressings request) [de]

The following will be carried out in the premises of the Occupational Medical Service:

  • (Due to the diverse occupational medical tasks on the entire campus and in the university buildings in the city center, there is not always a doctor available on site at the Occupational Medical Service. In this case the following services listed below will be carried out by qualified assistant personnel providing the training allows this)

⇒ Emergency treatment in the case of small injuries (e.g. plasters, sterile bandages) and insect bites
⇒ surgical follow-up treatment, e.g. stitching wounds, X-rays, referring to surgeons or clinics
⇒ Primary medical attention for burns, acid burns to skin, inhalation accidents. If necessary referrals will be made to surgeons or clinics.
⇒ In the case of eye injuries and after the primary medical attention, e.g. rinsing in the case of contact with hazardous materials, in general referrals to eye specialists or eye clinics will be made.
⇒ Primary medical attention and consultation in the case of less serious illnesses from various fields, e.g. stomach complaints, headaches, earaches, allergic skin reactions, infections from various origins, complaints in the orthopedic field referrals to GP or appropriate  specialist doctors (internal specialist, ear-nose-throat doctor, GP, orthopedic surgeon).In the case of unclear illnesses possibly referral to the clinic.
⇒ Discussion, consultation and referral to specialist doctors in the case of acute mental disturbances if the employee can come independently or accompanied by another person.

If an employee is not in a position to vist the Occupational Medical Service independently or accompanied by another person, e.g. in the case of serious threats like unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, acute pains in the chest area (suspected heart attack), seizures, always call the Emergency Service 112

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