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Tuesday, 16:00  Seminar Room S 8.109


Julia Netz
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Energy Levels of the free ions Eu3+ and Eu2+ calculated with ic-MRCC

German Molpeceres de Diego
Institute for the Structure of Matter, Matrid, Spain
Structure, survivability and physical processes in interstellar dust grain chemical analogues

Prof. Dr. Inga Kamp
University of Groningen, Netherlands
Water and ices in planet forming disks – links to the Solar System

Dr. Tilmann Bodenstein
University of Aarhus, Denmark
Quantum chemistry in single molecule magnetism

Alexander Denzel
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Geometry optimization based on machine learning

Sebastian Erfort
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Calculation of rovibrational IR intensities

Moritz Schneider
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Ab initio calculation of anharmonic vibrational wave functions of a methylfluorid argon cluster

Dr. David P. Tew
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Quantum Dynamics on Accurate Electronic Potentials


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