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Tuesday, 16:00  Seminar Room S 8.109


At 14:00
Andreas Löhle
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Calculation of Reaction Rate Constants via Instanton Theory in the Canonical and Microcanonical Ensemble

At 15:00
Marios-Petros Kitsaras
Institute of Chemistry und Biochemistry, FU Berlin
Theoretical study of (Ne, Ar)NiFn, n=1-3, and their monocations

Prof. Dr. T. Carrington Jr.
Chemistry Department, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
New computational methods for studying the motion of nuclei that obviate
the need for a sum-of-products potential

Dr. David P. Tew
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart
Quantum dynamics on accurate electronic potentials

At 14:00
Julia Netz
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Spin-orbit coupling calculations for internally contracted multireference coupled cluster theory

Dr. Christoph Freysoldt
Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, Düsseldorf
Field evaporation from a density functional theory perspective

At 13:00
Viktoria Korn
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Investigation of the Properties and Reactions of HC3O with Hydrogen Species

Viktor Zaverkin
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Instanton Theory beyond the Harmonic Approximation

Torsten Giess
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Implementation of the Rational Quadratic Kernel in a GPR-framework

Daniel Born
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Field desorption of organic molecules

At 13:00
Fabian Schrenk
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Generation of a Neural Network Describing a Cluster of Six Water Molecules in Vacuum

Lukas Hückmann
Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Study of the Ruthenium Catalyzed Alkylation of Aniline


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