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Mark Dornbach, MSc.

PhD Student in the Group of Prof. Dr. H.-J Werner

Room 8.162
Phone +49-(0)711-685 62988
Telefax +49-(0)711-685 64442
E-Mail E-Mail
Adress Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Theoretische Chemie
Pfaffenwaldring 55
D-70569 Stuttgart



Research Areas:

Analytical energy gradients



"Scalable electron correlation methods I.: PNO-LMP2 with linear scaling in the molecular size and near inverse-linear scaling in the number of processors", Hans-Joachim Werner, Gerald Knizia, Christine Krause, Max Schwilk, and Mark Dornbach, J. Chem. Theor. and Comp., 11 (2), 484–507 (2015)


"In situ MAS NMR investigation of the hydrogenation of acrylonitrile on Pt- and Rh-containing zeolites Y", H. Henning, M. Dornbach, M. Scheibe, E. Klemm, M. Hunger, Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 164 (2012) 104-110.