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Department of International Relations and European Integration (SOWI III)



Our research is mainly focused on processes of socialization and collectivization beyond the nation state: In the era of globalization and Europeanization the transnational interdependence of social and political action is steadily increasing. Put differently: What happens in others parts of the world significantly affects our daily lives.

Is it possible for political actors – governments, trans- and international organizations or civil-societal groups – to establish effective and democratic institutions for the resolution of problems that reach beyond the nation state? Moreover, does this process lead to new forms of transnational communication, political organization and collective identity on the societal and individual level?

Embedded in a broad theoretical foundation, ranging from classical and modern theories of International Relations and sociological theory to the history of political thought, our interests include various fields of empirical research. In our projects we operate with innovative analytical (in particular computational textual analysis) as well as statistical methods. Right from the start our students are encouraged to become part of this adventure.