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Discipline-specific study group 8: Content analytical methods in social sciences

The study group 8 - content analytical methods in social sciences - purports to further the cross linkage between the often isolated corpus linguistic research in social sciences and to communicate the existing application options to a broader circle of potential users. The study group's activities are structured by three fundamental goals:

  • First of all, we set out to create formal and informal opportunities for networking and exchange that enable the members as well as an open network of interested (junior-) researchers to obtain an overview of the current state of corpus linguistic analysis in the social sciences and to identify potential cooperation partners more easily.
  • Second, it is our goal to improve and accelerate the diffusion of empirical knowledge from existing research projects and best practices across the community. We will lead an in-depth discussion about the quality standards regarding new methods in corpus linguistics.
  • Third, we shall identify methodological desiderata on the part of social science content analysis and communicate the need for technical advancements to the research branch of computational linguistics.