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Common Research Projects

Members of EUROLOC and EURA have during recent years carried out major comparative research projects. Publications from this research projects are e.g.:

  • Egner, Björn/Sweeting, David/Klok, Pieter-Jan (Eds.) 2013: Local Councillors in Europe, Springer+VS, Wiesbaden.

  • Municipal Assemblies in European Local Governance (MAELG): The MAELG project included people from Euroloc with some other universities. It was comparative project conducted in approximately 15 European countries on the changing role of councilors. For a special issue on MAELG see the journal Lex Localis, http://pub.lex-localis.info/index.php/LexLocalis/issue/view/63

  • Bäck, Henry/Heinelt, Hubert/Magnier, Annick (Eds.) 2006: The European Mayor: Political Leaders in the Changing Context of Local Democracy. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.