Information for Students

important information concerning the registration for examinations SoSe 2017

In summer semester 2017, the registration period for examinations lasts from May 10th to June 1st. During this period you have to register your examinations at the Examination Office (except for the new Bachelor-Teaching Qualification, these examinations must be registered via C@mpus; online Master's programs, and the Master of Science programs Waste >= fifth semester, Commas >= third semester, Infotech >= seventh semester, Physics >= seventh semester – in these degree programs, the registration for examination is decentralized and has to take place e.g. at the respective institutes).

All (other) Bachelor’s, Master’s and Teaching Qualification students according to GymPO are obliged to register their examinations at the Examination Office. The registrations for said degree programs have to be submitted during this period either by form (for Bachelor/Master with Examination Regulations < 2008) or online via LSF (Bachelor/Master with Examination Regulations >= 2008 and Teaching Qualification according to GymPO).

Important note 1:
Taking part in exams without a registration as per the registration procedure above is not
possible. (Exceptions: Exams for which online registration is not available because of
special reasons, e.g. practical laboratory).

Important note 2:
Bachelor’s/Master’s students with Examination Regulations ≥ 2008 and Teaching Qualification students according to GymPO also have to register program achievements (graded and ungraded) during this period via LSF.

Important note 3:
The Examination Office cannot accept registrations submitted after 1st of June, subsequent registrations at the Examination Office after this date therefore are excluded.

Important note 4:
With very few exceptions, there are NO degree programs at the University of Stuttgart that provide for an automatic re-registration of re-examinations and second examinations by the Examination Office in their Examination Regulations.

This means that you also have to register for re-examinations and second examinations during the registration period. Please consult the Examination Regulations of your degree program to find out if it is one of the few programs that provide for an automatic re-registration by the Examination Office.

Important note 5:
Please note that a withdrawal from a registered course-accompanying examination (orig. “LBP”) is only possible during the registration period. After this period, it is not possible to withdraw from your examination. If you register for this type of examination and want to withdraw from it after the registration period, you can only withdraw from a particular examination date (!), yet not from the examination as a whole; in this case you should obtain consent from the examination committee in charge! Therefore we strongly recommend you to register for a course-accompanying examination via the LSF portal at the end of the registration period, when you are absolutely certain that you want to take this examination!

Important note 6:
In case of modules that last for two semesters, please only register for the examination in the semester in which the examination actually takes place. For example, if a module lasts for two semesters and starts in the winter semester, and the examination takes place by the end of the module (i.e. in the summer semester), please do not register for the examination before the summer semester!