International Master

General Information Master of Science

1. Examination registration / Registration of the Master’s Thesis
  • It is only possible to register for examinations during the registration period. The registration period will be announced on the homepage and via e-mail to the collegiate e-mail address. Belated registrations cannot be considered.
  • There is no automatic registration for examinations (exception: Aerospace Engineering, please click here for further information)
  • If you have any problems registering for an examination, please contact the Examination Office during the registration period, so that the problems can be solved in time.
2. Withdrawal from Examinations
  • You can withdraw from registered examinations within a withdrawal period of 7 days before the examination via the C@MPUS, as long as the date of the examination is registered. If the date of the examination is not registered, please fill in a declaration of withdrawal available under forms.
  • If you miss the withdrawal period or in case of an obligatory re-examination, the withdrawal has to be approved by the Board of Examiners. The completed declaration of withdrawal can be sent directly to the Board of Examiners or can be handed to the Examination Office, which will then forward it. Please note that this kind of withdrawal takes several days to process.
  • In case of LBPs (course-accompanying examinations) the withdrawal has to be approved by the Board of Examiners. Please consult your Examination Regulations to see which examinations are LBPs.
  • In case of illness, a medical certificate for the date of the examination has to be submitted. The medical certificate has to be submitted to the Examination Office together with a completed declaration of withdrawal 3 days after the examination at the latest.
  • The declaration of withdrawal should be completed by means of the Exams Extract in the C@MPUS, where the correct examination name, examination number and examination date can be found. Please note that only duly completed declarations of withdrawal can be processed.
  • If the withdrawal from an examination was successful, this will be indicated in the Exams Extract:
    • „withdraw/t“ = withdrawal within the withdrawal period
    • „ill“ = excused due to illness
    • „withdraw/p“ = Board of Examiners permitted withdrawal
3. Required Master Modules
  • Required Master Modules have to be registered via the C@MPUS.
  • Required Master Modules can be repeated as often as required and have to be passed by the time the Master’s thesis is registered.
  • If the Required Master Modules are not available on the registration screen, please notify the administrative employee responsible for the degree program at the Examination Office at once, so that your Required Master Modules can be unlocked. Please bear in mind that no registrations are possible after the registration period, even in this case.
4. Final Grade Report and Master’s Certificate
  • After completing the Master’s program, every graduate receives a Degree Certificate and a Final Grade Report of the Master Examination.
  • The Final Grade Report of the Master Examination is requested at the Examination Office. When registering for the Master’s thesis, the Final Grad Report request form is handed out or can be can be obtained from the administrative staff.
  • The completion period for the Final Grade Report is about 4 to 6 weeks after the last achievement has been recorded.
  • The Degree Certificate is usually handed out at an award ceremony. The ceremony for all graduates of a calendar year takes place the following summer. If a degree program does not hold an award ceremony, the Degree Certificates will be sent out with the Final Grade Report.
  • Upon request, the Degree Certificate can be handed out before the award ceremony. However, it is not possible to take part in the ceremony without the original Degree Certificate. As long as the original Degree Certificates are kept at the Examination Office, certified copies can be issued upon request.
5. Certification of achievements via C@MPUS

Via C@MPUS, you can create transcripts of record in PDF format that don’t have to be certified by the Examination Office:

In the start menu of the C@MPUS under Print Document or Studienerfolgsnachweis:

  • Leistungsübersicht (nur BE) für DStip-Anträge results only include the modules already completed, no partial achievements of modules not yet completed. This transcript is suitable for job applications, and not for university applications.
  • Leistungsübersicht (Alles) contains all achievements, partial achievements, withdrawals and failed attempts. This transcript is suitable for submission to the Examination Committee or for a BAföG certificate according to § 48. Moreover, it is suitable for applications to other institutions of higher education in case of a transfer to another university during studies./li>
6. Change of Examination Regulations
  • You can only change the examination regulations for a degree program you are currently registered in, if new examination regulations for the Master’s program are issued.
  • If modules that have not yet been completed change after the change of examination regulations, they have to be completed according to the old examination regulations. The modules will be altered in accordance with the new examination regulations as soon as all necessary achievements have been completed.
7. Recognition of Examinations
  • The Examination Committee is responsible for the recognition of examinations already completed.
  • You can find the form „Recognition of Examinations“ under „further Forms“.
  • A professor responsible for the examination subject to be recognized certifies the equivalence of the achievement and suggests a grade if necessary.
  • If the Examination Committee agrees with the suggestion, the achievement will be recognized and recorded by the Examination Office.
  • If necessary, failed attempts can be recognized as well.
  • The recognized achievements are indicated in the Final Grade Report of the Master Examination.
8. Interdisciplinary Key Qualifications
  • The Center for Continuing Education is responsible for the registration and recording of interdisciplinary key qualifications.
  • In exceptional cases, if an achievement is not recorded by the Center for Continuing Education, the key qualification can be recorded by the Examination Office by means of a certificate of academic achievement.
9. Collegiate e-mail address
  • At the beginning of the studies, every student of the University of Stuttgart receives a collegiate e-mail address.
  • All important information will be sent to this e-mail address by the University administration. Within the University administration, only this e-mail address will be passed on.